Meet our Superhero ambassadors

We’re extremely proud to present our intrepid family of ambassadors, whose abundant Superhero spirit has seen them turn many of life’s obstacles into opportunities. By sharing their stories, they hope to give all you budding Superheroes out there the encouragement you need to sign up and find your own inner superpower! 

Founder Sophia Warner

The bionic force behind this epic series is Paralympian Sophia Warner. “I’m thrilled to introduce my ambassadors and my inspiration for the series. Please sign up and join us. I promise you won’t regret it!”

Sophia’s superpower: Energising tenacity”

Jenni, Steve and ‘Tiny Tornado Eve

Move over The Incredibles, we have our very own Superhero Family – Team Williams! For our debut event, Mum Jenni did the swim, Dad Steve the bike and four-year-old Eve was pushed in her buggy for the final 1km push/run until the final 100m where she walked hand-in-hand with her Sidekick, Mum Jenni, and then took some of her first-ever independent steps over the finish line! They also completed the 5km as a team at npower Winter Wonderwheels. “Eve has a rare chromosome condition that causes global development delay and epilepsy, and as parents you inevitably worry about what your child won’t be able to do,” says Jenni. “Superhero Series shows what’s possible when given the opportunity and allows us to work towards and enjoy a great sporting challenge as a family.”

Tiny Tornado Eves superpower: “Eve gets anywhere she needs by rapidly rolling or climbing over obstacles. She also has a cheeky grin that has the power to light up the universe.”

Jennis superpower: “Mischief detection”

Steves superpower: “Power cuddles”

Stephan and Chloe

This father and daughter team are a formidable force. Together they’ve tackled many sporting events and took on two world firsts in one day at our debut event – the Sprint Sidekick Tri and Full Sidekick Tri! Sidekick Stephen towed his Superhero Chloe in a kayak for the swim, then pulled her along in her new wheelchair with his bike before pushing her for the final stage. They also flew round the 10km together at npower Winter Wonderwheels! “We’ve often been refused entry to events because Chloe, who has cerebral palsy, global development delay and a visual impairment, is in a wheelchair, which is such a shame as she loves it so much,” says Stephan. “When we’ve been allowed to enter, we’re always the only ones competing together in this way. It was amazing to be competing alongside so many other Sidekicks and Superheroes in August and December!”

Stephan’s superpower: “Determination”

Chloe’s superpower: “Inspiration”

Sofia Crockatt

A real-life Supergirl, ‘Sonic Sofia’ has achieved a staggering amount in her 12 earth years. A love of sport has seen her travel the world, meet many of her intergalactic Paralympic heroes and fundraise tens of thousands of pounds for the Meningitis Research Foundation. You’ll see her racing on her blade or speeding around on her beloved trike Phoenix at our events. She also took part in the Celebrity Superhero Tri with star-studded teammates GB wheelchair racer Carly Tait and US para-sprinter Jarryd Wallace! “I contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia aged two,” says Sofia. “It caused a lot of damage to my right leg and my left leg had to be amputated to save my life. I now wear a prosthesis on my left and a splint on my right, but I don’t let it stop me doing anything. My motto is never give up’.”

Sofias superpower: Supersonic sprinting speed

Sophie Christiansen

The equestrian legend hasn’t got just one Superhero alter ego, but two – ambassador and Celebrity Team Captain! As well as taking part in the Celebrity Superhero Tri, the multiple Paralympic champion biked 10km for the Half Superhero Tri on her recumbent trike, with her Aunty Buffy doing the swim and boyfriend Peter taking on the run. She was also back on her trike for the first npower Winter Wonderwheels in December. “What I love is that you can take part using any equipment you need,” explains Sophie. “I may be a Paralympian, but I also want to do sport for fun and I've really struggled to find events where I can use my trike alongside my able-bodied friends. I hope Superhero Series adds more and more events to the calendar – I’ll be there!”

Sophie’s superpower: “Always striving to be the best I can be.”