Year 3 starts with a KABOOM!

Not in our wildest dreams did we expect to see more than 2,500 Superheroes and Sidekicks at our third-ever Superhero Tri. Yet there you all were, capes flying!

Click on the buttons below to find out more about our awesome 2019 Everyday Superheroes and, if you haven’t already, book your place at SUPERHERO TRI 2019 to join us!

Our Super Celebs

A highlight of every Superhero event is our ‘Celebrity Challenge’, where giants of sport and screen unite with competition winners from around the nation to show their support for this trailblazing Series. Meet our 2019 Superhero Superstars and their winning teammates below. For your chance to join the next epic Celebrity Compeition click here.

A huge thank you... our 2019 Superhero Tri Super Partners, Charity Friends, Sidekick volunteers and supporters! Without you none of this would have been possible.