A huge thank you to our wonderful Celebrity Team Captains who united with competition winners to take part in the Celebrity Superhero Tri powered by MARVEL.


Team Anne a.jpg

Paracanoe Paralympic champion

The reigning Paralympic champion has been travelling the globe in recent months, but that’s not to say she’s taken her foot off the pedal. She’s been scaling some of the world’s most beautiful slopes on her trusty tandem and will be channelling all her experience into the bike stage on the day.

Anne’s superpower: “Finding the best fancy dress costumes to help transform myself into a Superhero (and still being able to ride my bike despite the costume being totally impractical!)”

Swim: Freddie Jones (7)

Bike: Anne with Simon

Push/Run: Thomas Smith (24)


Team Anne WS b.jpg

Paralympian, author and sporting ambassador

This super athlete, author, sporting ambassador and motivational speaker became the first wheelchair racer from East Africa to compete at the Paralympics in 2004 and went on to join the British team in 2007. Unite with this London 2012 torchbearer and let her flame the self-belief within you!

Anne’s superpower: She can hold the fire of God’s

Swim: Lottie Alford

Bike: Sam Loft (14)

Push/Run: Anne Wafula Strike


Team Bailey a.jpg

Sports ambassador and charity founder

Anyone who saw the viral footage of Bailey throwing away his walker for the last stage of his first-ever triathlon back in 2015 couldn’t help but see the strong Superhero spirit within! He’s gone on to win an array of awards for his sporting achievements and can’t wait to share his huge passion with his Superhero teammates.

Bailey’s superpower: “My resilience. I may fall down but I always get back up and finish!”

Swim: Luke Hibberd (23)

Bike: Lorenzo Lynch (10)

Push/Run: Bailey Matthews


Team Dave H b.jpg

Paralympian and Invictus Games team captain

The former Royal Engineer has represented his country at the Invictus Games, the World and European Championships, and topped off his long list of achievements with a Paralympic medal at Rio. Could he lead you to Superhero victory?

Swim: David

Bike: Mustapha Muhammad, (30) from London

Push/Run: Reuben Harvey Smith (7) from Suffolk

Bike: Mustapha


Team David W a.jpg

Invictus Games architect and champion

The former infantryman who was shot in the chest in Afghanistan in 2009, is one of the architects of the Invictus Games and worked closely with Prince Harry to bring his sporting vision to life. David went on to compete in three Invictus Games winning a total of 14 medals in the pool and headed up the team in 2016. Some serious Team Captain credentials!

David’s superpower: “No one in the world is bullet proof, but I am technically bullet resistant. Therefore, my Superhero name is “Easy Target: Man of (cheap) Steel.”

Swim: David W

Bike: Rashmi Barker (55) / Kate Oliver

Push/Run: Jojo Mackenzie-Shapland (4)


Team DavidWeir b.jpg

Eight-time London Marathon winner and six-time Paralympic champion

Yes, the one and only Weirwolf is returning to the Superhero fray! This racing legend will be heading up #TeamBarclays once again and is looking to share his super skills with some super eager teammates. Enter now for your chance to rub shoulders with this uberchamp!

Swim: Nathon King (27)

Bike: David Weir

Push/Run: Finley Green (9)

Push Run: Charlotte Hoadley (7)


Team Dimitri a.jpg

Paralympic wheelchair fencer

This double World Champion, European Champion and Paralympian knows just how to hit the mark! He’ll be channelling his great powers of speed, grace and accuracy into this new challenge and will only let his guard down to his lucky teammates. Grab your special place next to this bright young talent!

Swim: Sam Holness (26)

Bike: Dimitri Coutya

Push/Run: Owen West (16)


Team Frank b.jpg

BBC security correspondent, journalist and author

An intrepid traveller and keen skier, the award-winning BBC journalist isn’t one to shrink from a challenge. He gave it his all last summer and now he’s back from more fun. Don’t miss your chance to unite with this seasoned adventurer who has some great stories to tell!

Frank’s superpower: “An inbuilt over-the-horizon radar that tells you when a parking warden is approaching, given that I can never actually park in a disabled parking spot!”

Swim: Ann Kirby (51)

Bike: Frank

Push/Run: Samantha Milne (31)


Team Freya a.jpg

Wheelchair basketball, para ice hockey and wheelchair rugby star

This multi-talented sports star has risen to the top in a dizzying number of disciplines! She played rugby and football at county level until her Muscular Dystrophy saw her turn her talents to U25 GB wheelchair basketball and she’s also represented her country in Para Ice Hockey and Wheelchair Rugby 7s! Go girl!

Freya’s superpower: “With a little help from Muscular Dystophy, the ability to win every game of musical chairs ever!”

Swim: Stevie Soars

Bike: Lucy Gardener (24)

Push/Run: Freya Levy


Team Harri a.jpg

European 100m wheelchair racing champion

At his international debut at the European Championships last year, Harri struck gold for the British team in the T33 100m and now has his sights on the Worlds and the Paralympics. Currently ranked second in the world, the 22-year-old is certainly one to watch! Could you be talking team tactics with this speed king?

Harri’s superpower: “My dodgy curly hair helps me go faster.”

Swim: Matt Cooper

Bike: Kaya Gontheir

Push/Run: Harri


Team JJ a.jpg

TV reporter and presenter

One of our favourite faces on Channel 4, this roving reporter’s sporting past is also none too shabby! He played wheelchair basketball at national level and was two-time European champion with the GB Junior team, which he captained in 2004. Perfect credentials to lead your team.

Jordan’s superpower: “The ability to teleport and be in multiple places in a blink.”

Swim: Billy Wright, (10) from Cornwall

Bike: JJ

Push/Run: Emerson Grant, (5) from Surrey


Team Josha.jpg

Record breaking athlete, motivational speaker and Cystic fibrosis warrior

A real-life Superhero, Josh never shies away from a challenge! From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at age 17 to breaking weightlifting world records and completing extreme fitness challenges, Josh is sure to be the perfect Team Captain at Superhero Tri. Enter now to team up with this sporting legend!

Josh’s Superpower: “I am the million-kilo man!”

Swim: Josh

Bike: Malcolm Grace, (62) from Conwy

Push/Run: Andy Craddock (51) from Birmingham


Team Joy b.jpg

Wheelchair basketball Paralympian

At the age of 15, Joy was the youngest player chosen to represent Great Britain at the 2014 Women's World Wheelchair Basketball Championship and in 2016 she was part of the British team that produced its best-ever performance at a Paralympics, making it all the way to the semi-finals. She’ll jump through hoops to give her lucky teammates the best performance she can!

Swim: Joy

Bike: Jay Cordwell (35)

Push/Run: Isabelle Mycroft (10)


Team Kare a.jpg

Three-time wheelchair racing Paralympic medallist

At only 15 years of age, Kare burst onto the world stage at Rio to take a silver and two bronze medals. She went on to break the T34 100m world record last year and remains the only T34 athlete in history to go sub 17 second over 100m. One impressive talent!

Swim: Stacy Roberts

Bike: Ethan Fanneran Burley (11)

Push/Run: Kare


Team Liz b.jpg

Paralympic swimming champion

This star swimmer is one of only a select few to have won gold medals in the Paralympics, World Championships and European Championships and is super lovely to boot! As always, she’ll be diving head first into Celebrity Challenge and she’ll be taking her winning teammates with her!

Liz’s superpower: “My right hook, which my friends affectionately refer to as the snake, ha!”

Swim: Liz

Bike: Kian Baker (11)

Push/Run: Elan Williams (10)


Team Menna & Jen a.jpg

Alpine ski Paralympic champions

We’re thrilled to welcome back this incredible duo! Together they’ve achieved great things on the slopes and were, of course, the ‘Golden Girls’ of the 2018 Winter Paralympics, bringing home Great Britain’s only gold medal. They can’t wait to welcome two new Superheroes to their winning team!

Menna superpower: “Tea drinking. I can get through eight or nine in a day no problem.”

Jen’s superpower: “I can stand on my head for an impressively long time!”

Swim: Chloe Rolitt, (9) from Douglas, Isle of Man

Bike: Menna and Jen

Push/Run: Tom Mcintyre, (8) from Bourton


Team Olivia b.jpg

Paralympic sprinter and long jumper

The youngest member of the GB Paralympic athletics team at London 2012, Olivia competed in the T38 100m and 200m, and won bronze in the 4x100m relay at just 16 years old. She’s since risen to the top in long jump too and was crowned the World Champion in 2017 and the Commonwealth Champion in 2018. This bubbly talent will be heading up #teamLeonardCheshire and is guaranteed to bring a smile to her teammates’ faces.

Olivia’s superpower: "Super-smiley! Sport makes me really happy and I can never stop smiling when I am doing it!"

Swim: Emily Scally (15)

Bike: Jared Reed (19)

Push/Run: Olivia Breen


Team Shaun a.jpg

Adventurer and challenge aficionado

Shaun has wheeled from Land’s End to John O’Groats, climbed Kilimanjaro and conquered countless gruelling challenges in his trusty wheelchair. Just 300m from the top of Ben Nevis in 2018, Shaun broke his leg in three places and had to have it amputated, but he was soon back training and ready for action. Truly a man on a mission.

Shaun’s superpower: “My adventurous spirit, which helps me conquer mountains without fear.”

Swim: Billy Mansell (25)

Bike: Larua Campbell (41)

Push/Run: Shaun


Team Sophie b.jpg

Eight-time equestrian Paralympic champion

The achievements of our wonderful ambassador and Celebrity Team Captain are nothing less than remarkable. Sophie has scooped 13 – yes 13! – World and Paralympic Golds to date and will no doubt smash this incredible tally before she’s done. For our events she swaps her beloved horse for a recumbent trike, but you can bet she’ll be no less competitive!

Sophie’s superpower: “Always striving to be the best I can be.”

Swim: Jolie Marshall

Bike: Sophie Christiansen

Push: Run: Eve Williams / Sophia Crocket


Team Stephen a.jpg

Club Throw Paralympic champion

This legendary athlete has represented Great Britain for more than 20 years and competed in no less than six Paralympic Games – winning a staggering haul of medals along the way! As always, he’ll be throwing his all into this new challenge and never fails to bring out the very best in his teammates.

Swim: Carol James (31)

Bike: Stephen

Push/Run: Khushi Patel (4)


Team Zoe b.jpg

Military Superhero and Invictus Games competitor

Until the age of 18, Zoe was a synchronised swimmer and represented Great Britain at junior level. She went on join the Royal Navy despite suffering lower leg injuries during training but was medically discharged in 2005 due to worsening symptoms. She was selected for the Invictus Games in Orlando in 2016.

Zoe’s Superpower: “Never-ending eating. I can eat everything in sight.”

Swim: Zoe

Bike: James Scammell (10)

Push/Run: Ben Harris (44)


TeamJack a.jpg

Table tennis Paralympian

Jack is the only player ever to win the Junior, Senior and Open British titles in the same year. He competes in non-disabled table tennis at county level and headed to Rio with the British Paralympic team to represent his country in 2016. Could this big hitter be heading up your team?

Jack’s superpower: “My resilience, which helps me fight both on and off the table.”

Swim: John MacCallum

Bike: Ben O’Brien

Push/Run: Jack Hunter Spivey


TeamJordan b.jpg

TV reporter and presenter

One of our favourite faces on Channel 4, this roving reporter’s sporting past is also none too shabby! He played wheelchair basketball at national level and was two-time European champion with the GB Junior team, which he captained in 2004. Perfect credentials to lead your team.

Jordan’s superpower: “The ability to teleport and be in multiple places in a blink.”

Swim: Harry de Gruchy-Wilson (8)

Bike: Jamie King (13)

Push/Run: Jordan



Paralympic swimming champion

Invictus medallist, author and motivational speaker

The former Royal Marine and triple amputee has multiple strings to his bow. He’s won gold in the pool at the Sydney Invictus Games, is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, a peak performance coach and the author of the award-winning auto-biography Man Down, to name but a few! One formidable force.

Mark’s superpower: “My super stubbornness allows me to set a goal and refuse point blank to quit until it’s achieved :-).”

Swim: Celebrity Team Captain Mark Ormrod

Bike: Callistus and Caleb Hughes, (9), from Enniskillen co Fermanagh

Push/Run: Tom Dorman, (28) , Banbury, Oxon