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Swim: Chloe Rolitt, 9 from Douglas, Isle of Man

Bike: Menna and Jen

Push/Run: Tom Mcintyre, 8 from Bourton


Swim: Chloe Rolitt

Your story: “I would like to enter my daughter Chloe, she is 8 years old and loves to challenge her disabilities. When born she defied all odds against Sepsis and was in SCBU fighting for her life for 5 weeks. She suffered brain damage and has left her with right sided hemiparesis and nocturnal Epilepsy. This doesn’t stop her...she is a keen gymnast, swimmer and netball player and an absolute inspiration!! she never gives in and always gives life her all. A true inspiration to all who meet her. She loves life and challenges all that is thrown in her way. Thanks for reading, please make her dream come true x

Gadget of choice: float in case

Your Superpower: An extreme giggler!!

Push/run: Tom Mcintyre

Your story: Tom was born with a condition called PFFD, this has meant his right thigh bone has not grown properly. At age 1 he had his foot an ankle amputated to be able to fit his prosthetic but still has knees at different heights and at age 4 he had part of his femur removed and his hip reconstructed.

Tom has never not done something because of his disability – at age 4 he ran a cross country event (before he got his running blade) with the rest of his class, when he came home I asked him how it had gone and he said that ‘Frankie had come last’, I then asked where he had come and his reply was that ‘oh I came after Frankie’ – he said it with a genuine smile and was just pleased that he was able to finish it and run with his friends.

Since then Tom is sports mad and regularly does gymnastics, multi-skills, tennis, football and cricket and is about to try netball and golf! Last year he learnt to ride a bike which for someone with different height knees makes it even harder but every time he would fall off he got straight back on with the same determination – he is definitely my superhero.

Your gadget of choice: running blade

Fundraising Raising for: "Cerebral Palsy Sport"

Your Superpower: Tom’s superpower is his determination to always have a try and not stop himself because of his disability.