Swim: Ian, 55, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Bike: Celebrity Team Captain Liz Johnson

Push/Run: Neve, 10, from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands



Swim: Ian Jones (AKA Jumper Jones), 55

Your story: “In short, I was a nutter before I became disabled and now I am a nutter with a serious wibble. I have Parkinson's so I am handy for milk shakes on hot days and Cappuccinos on cooler days. In my previous life I was a stunt performer in film and TV with my own high dive act – yes I really could fly. But I cannot live in the past so onward and upward. Just don't tell me I cannot do it as that will unleash the beast within…”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “I’m demurely ecstatic.”
Most looking forward to: “The buzz.”
Your Kryptonite: “The cold.”
Your Superpower: “Too stupid to give up.”

Push/run: Neve Allen, 10

Your story: Neve was born with a congenital short left femur and hip dysplasia. She has defied doctors who feared she would never walk by going on to compete in sports and win ballet and tap-dancing awards. Neve has had 10 gruelling operations on her hips and legs and has even attended New Oscott Primary School in bed (after an operation). Neve has now represented her school in swimming, golf, tennis and football. Neve’s many recent sporting achievements have seen her win the Peter Harrison Foundation Outstanding Achievement Award, the Stephen Sutton Inspiration Award and the Sutton Coldfield Sports Disability Award. It is not in Neve’s nature to accept defeat and she has her sights set on becoming a Paralympian.”
Why Superhero Tri: “Neve loves a sporting challenge and proving that everyone can take part in sport no matter what the disability.”
A message for the other teams: “May the best team win (which will be my team … obviously, haha!)”
Your gadget of choice: “Racing wheelchair and go-pro”
Most looking forward to: Meeting famous people and hearing about how they participate in sport.
Your Kryptonite: Any hills (up or down) can be difficult due to my size and strength.
Your Superpower: “Determination!”