Team Josh.jpg



Swim: Josh

Bike: Malcolm Grace, (62) from Conwy

Push/Run: Andy Craddock (51) from Birmingham


Bike: Malcolm Grace

Your story: Short story of me and my BOUNCING BACK SUPERPOWER

My youngest daughter’s idea, based in her words” after so many problems since day one, then more recent accidents nothing keeps you down”

Mum & Dad told I would never walk or at least not without aids but at 4 years old I apparently took off the calliper I was supposed to wear, refused to put back on and never wore it again my superpowers allowed me to push through the boundaries.

In my late 20s started road running with my mate and did a fair few 10km races which was a super achievement as the thrill of competing gave me a boost I didn’t expect in life.

At 39 in 1996 started Paragliding, and then started competing UK and national competitions in 2004.

Now I’m taking on a challenge which I feel might be my biggest one yet! With my family there by my side to support me there isn’t nothing I can’t do!

Gadget of choice: All terrain wheel chair

Your Superpower: my Bouncing Back superpower

Push/run: Andy Craddock

Your story: A real-life superhero isn’t easy to come by however I’ve been doing everything I can to help other hero’s like me! Against all the odds given to me I’ve never stopped doing what I love Icarry on and I am who I am from what I have already achieved, from creating a wheelchair basketball club and supporting disability sport and awareness in Birmingham to participating in 10km and half marathons propelling in an all-terrain wheelchair in these events raising funds for charity. It is who I am, I would not change it.

I will continue to raise awareness and promote disability and diversity, as I enjoy it and brings me satisfaction in helping others.

Your gadget of choice: Not needed

Your Superpower: Super determined, to break limits and push barriers which support others