Team JJ.jpg



Swim: Billy Wright, 10 from Cornwall

Bike: JJ

Push/Run: Emerson Grant, 5 from Surrey


Swim: Billy Wright

Your story: Billy was starved of oxygen during a difficult labour nearly 10 years ago. As a result he has cerebral palsy and currently well controlled epilepsy as well as the best sense of humour ever! His other super power is incredible determination, things are difficult for him but he always gives everything ago from horse riding to skate boarding, from surfing to capoeira. Having Billy has changed everything thing about our lives for the better! He’s a true inspiration.

Gadget of choice: nothing needed

Charity: Brainwave centre

Your Superpower: Ability to humour all who are around him

Push/run: Emerson Grant

Your story: I have cerebral palsy but have always had a go at anything I had the chance to. I work, volunteer at my local library, drive a car, love keeping active attending the gym, playing wheelchair Basketball.

Your gadget of choice: Wheelchair with superpowers

Charity: Spinal cord injury awareness

Your Superpower: always armed with his signature super smile and bundles of determination!