Team Dave H.jpg



Swim: David

Bike: Mustapha Muhammad, (30) from London

Push/Run: Reuben Harvey Smith (7) from Suffolk



Bike: Mustapha

Your story: I have been a superhero for 29 years now, I haven’t let anything stop me from doing what I set my mind to however! I’ve taken part in cycling and push races which has given me the confidence in myself, and the ability to help others! Superhero series make us feel welcome to do things extra ordinary and make me feel like I’m a superhero.

Gadget of choice: nothing

Your Superpower: Silly, funny and serious

Push/run: Reuben Harvey Smith

Your story: As a double below knee amputee and 7 finger amputee Reuben does not see anything as impossible but a challenge! He is very cunning and will work out a way to do what he wants when he wants. His motto is I can do it! He wants to be a pilot or a police officer when he grows up That failing a superhero will suffice. He wins everyone over with his determination but above all his positivity and smile

Your gadget of choice: Trekinectic if needed

Your Superpower: The amazing ability to get away with anything through his very cheeky smile and humour!