Swim: Barry, 30, from Daventry, Northamptonshire

Bike: Father & daughter team, David (71)
& Rebecca (30) from Guildford, Surrey

Push/Run: Celebrity Team Captain Dave Henson

Swim: Barry Purves, 30

Your story: “At the age of 20 I was involved in a traffic collision that resulted in a left arm amputation, severe burns and a lot of broken bones. This life-changing event has tested me in every way and I am much stronger now. Being part of this tri team represents the next big challenge in my life. I hope that by taking part, I can inspire others who think that they can't compete in sports that if they give it a chance they might surprise themselves.”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “It means a lot that I can be a part of such a high-profile event and I’m eager to meet the inspiring Team Captains and to make the most of this amazing opportunity.”
The team I’d most like to beat: “I tend to be super competitive, so naturally I want to beat all of the other teams.”
Most looking forward to: “The buzzing atmosphere, the nerves and the big smiles at the finish line.”
Your Kryptonite: “The cold water temperatures, I am used to swimming in a nice heated indoor pool!”
Your Superpower: “Problem-solving has become my superpower. Since losing my left arm I am continually presented with situations where I have to get creative to overcome hurdles and complications.”

Bike: Father and daughter team David, 71, and Rebecca Langley, 30

Their story: “I have colitis and four years ago my Father had a stroke. After 10 months in hospital and rehab the doctors thought he may never walk again. After a lot of hard work and determination he took his first steps in physio in the summer of 2013. In 2015 I went to a local bike show and found out about Surrey Wheels for All. I told them that dad was 70 and ‘only had one arm and one leg working’. He said, ‘No problem! Bring him along.’ We attend the weekly sessions in Woking and it is the highlight of Dad's week. We both love the sessions, have such a laugh and I love seeing him being able to use the tandem bike – something we could not have even dreamed of after his stroke.”
Fundraising for: “The fantastic charity Wheels for All.”
Gadget of choice: “Side-by-side tandem bike.”
Most looking forward to: “Seeing lots of Superheroes complete a triathlon.”
Your Kryptonite: “Getting Dad on and off the bike.”
Your Superpower: “Unbreakable team spirit.”