Swim: Lauren, 25, from Woking, Surrey

Bike: Darren, 41, from Ealing, West London

Push/Run: Celebrity Team Captain Ali Jawad




Swim: Lauren Bradfield, 25

Your story: “I have achieved a lot in my life, including sporting events, despite suffering a life-threatening stroke when I was only 20 and since being diagnosed with a chronic rare autoimmune disease. Each day brings its own struggles, but that doesn't stop me wanting to constantly challenge myself. I am lucky to be alive and my goal in life is to make memories and awareness for things that are important! I’ve recently started to use a manual wheelchair when I am really tired but I am not going to let anything stop me achieving my dreams. This is a perfect opportunity to prove to myself and others that having a disability makes you no different from anyone else.”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “I feel really excited and privileged to be chosen as I have always wanted to take part in a triathlon and to do that with a celebrity makes it even more exciting.”
Most looking forward to: “The atmosphere and having fun doing something I enjoy as part of a team.”
What team you’d most like to beat: “Every other team than the one that I am in!”
Your Kryptonite: “Being too competitive!”
Your Superpower: “When I use my wheelchair – as well as having two legs I have four wheels!”

Bike: Darren Galer, 41

Your story: In 2011 I had a cardiac arrest while out jogging with my wife Tanith. She did CPR until the ambulance arrived, but they couldn't get my heart started for almost half an hour. I was in a coma for weeks and no one knew if I’d make it. When I came to I was initially paralysed from the shoulders down. After seven months in hospital I learned to walk and talk again. I’ve been left with brain damage from lack of oxygen (I think differently!) and have spasticity in my left side. I won't give up and have relearned to ride a bike. My dream is to run again.”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “I am very excited. My wife told me she was entering me into this but I never thought I'd be picked. She was joking that we would get our own team together to do a tri relay but this is MUCH better.
Your gadget of choice: “I'll bring my bike (obviously) and my Super Stick for later.”
Most looking forward to: “Meeting the celebrities and all the other contenders. It's been years since I've done anything competitive in sport and I'm looking forward to the challenge!”
Your Kryptonite: “Hills!(Not Adam). Whether I'm walking or on a bike, hills really tire me out quickly!”
Your Superpower: “I don't give up! Stubbornness? Resilience? I 'died' once so maybe I'm like a cat with nine lives? Generally awesome with streaks of inspiration!”