Meet our Everyday Superheroes & Sidekicks

This series is for all the unsung Superheroes who boldly face what life throws at them and are looking to take on the ultimate challenge with their own unique superpowers – and a super-charged dollop of positive energy! And let’s not forget their trusty Sidekicks who are by their side through thick and thin. A huge thank you to our below participants for sharing their story to show that Superhero Series powered by MARVEL is for everybody.

Superhero Owen

Owen a.jpg

Hometown: Tonbridge
Your Chosen Mission: Winter Wonderwheels 2019 and Superhero Triathlon 2020.
Your disability and how it challenges you: I have three very rare syndromes - Loeys-Dietz Syndrome type 3, CDK13 Genetic Disorder which is where I get my amazing sense of humour and handsome good looks and I also carries the mutation for KBG Syndrome. Every day is a challenge, but I keep smiling and carry on.
Sporting super stripes: Winterwonderwheels 2018, Superhero Triathlon 2019. I also play in BWB League Matches with My team ‘Folkestone Arrows’. We train every week throughout the year.

Why I want to take part: I want to raise money for the Charity Freedom for Wheels. They gave me the wheelchair that changed my life. It is what led me to be able to participate in sports and give me confidence as a full-time wheelchair user. I want to help them help other’s like Me!
My Kryptonite: My pain. I am learning how to live with it, but it’s hard sometimes.

My Superpower: I am determined. Whatever I do, it is with a smile and a laugh

Superhero Charlie

Charlie b.jpg

Hometown: Gosport
Your chosen mission: Superhero Sprint Tri
Your disability and how it challenges you: I have a rare syndrome called Frontometaphyseal Dysplasia & my body doesn't work like other peoples. My gadget of choice for the tri was a snorkel for the swim as I can't lift my head enough to breathe.
Sporting super stripes: Completing Superhero Sprint Tri in 2019 in 28 minutes!
Why you want to take part: Taking part makes me feel like a real life Superhero! Finishing the last Superhero Tri felt amazing and I was so proud of myself. I really enjoyed raising money for Level Water. The donations made me work hard to not let people down.

My Kryptonite: Infections and distractions!

My superpower: Knowledge because I love to learn. And Bravery! I won't let anything beat me!

Superhero Sue

SUE b.jpg

Earth years: 53
Hometown: Malmesbury
Your chosen mission: Superhero full team
Your disability and how it challenges you: Prps & polio. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, polio, crumbling vertebrae Causing extreme pain, joint and muscle stiffness and lethargy
Sporting super-stripes: Superheroes Series, I can’t believe I did it and so looking forward to next years.
Superhero Series’ lasting impact: I have started to enjoy sport and I now cycle every week. It has given me another activity to look forward to. I am now looking for my own recumbent trike so I can go out more frequently

Why you want to take part: Exhilaration of achieving something and not letting my condition beat me!
Your Kryptonite: Worried my legs would fail me.
Gadget/s of choice: Recumbent trike.

Your Superpower: Stubbornness

Superhero Raz

Raz b.jpg

Name Razia Malik
Hometown Tooting London
Your chosen mission Sprint Superhero Triathlon 2019
Your disability and how it challenges you I have Cerebral palsy and a learning disability. I need support with everyday things but I do not let this get in the way of having fun and enjoying life. I am unable to walk unaided but have recently got an electric wheelchair which has given me a lot more independence!
Sporting super stripes Superhero Tri 2018, Parallel London 2017, Parallel London 2016, I play football using my Kaye frame and I play Boccia (a Paralympic sport) once a week.

Why you want to take part I want to take part again because I can’t wait to do the race using my new motorised wheelchair! Last year my sidekick pushed me around the course.
My Kryptonite Bad weather!

My superpower I’m always happy and have a positive attitude

Superhero Sue

Sue a.jpg

Earth years: 56
Hometown: Battersea London
Your chosen mission: Sprint Superhero Triathlon 2019
Your disability and how it challenges you: As a result of a brain injury at birth – (I had the umbilical cord round my neck) I have Cerebral palsy and a learning disability. I don’t let this stop me and can do lots of things like walk the centre with staff supervising me.
Sporting super stripes: Superhero Tri 2018, Parallel London 2017, Parallel London 2016, I have played wheelchair tennis at Roehampton and went to Fulham football club weekly where I played football. I now play Boccia (a Paralympic sport) twice a week.

Why you want to take part: I want to take part again because it is good fun, I meet new people and I love getting medals!
My Kryptonite: One year it was very rainy which made it difficult, but I still managed to complete the race!
Gadget of choice: the adapted bike that we hire and having a sidekick to ride the bike and do the race.

Superpower: I’m always happy and I love helping other people.

Superhero Marvin

marvin b (1).jpg

Earth years: 31
Hometown: Tooting Broadway, London
Your chosen mission: Sprint Superhero Triathlon 2019
Your disability and how it challenges you: I have Athetoid cerebral palsy and quadriplegia. I don’t have fine motor movement in my hands and legs (they sometimes do what they want to do and not what I ask them to do!)
Sporting super stripes: Superhero Tri 2018, Parallel London 2017, Parallel London 2016, I play Football using a Biodex to enable me to stand to play and go sailing in the summer months at Tideway.

Why you want to take part: It gives me a SUPER sense of achievement every time I compete and start and finish the race.
My Kryptonite: My nerves! My hands slipped of the joystick last year and I slipped from first to third place.
Gadget of choice: A turbo boost/rocket (My electric wheelchair and my sidekick.)

Superpower: Never giving up!

Superhero Tamsin

Tamsin a.jpg

Earth years: “15”
Hometown: “Wantage, Oxfordshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Half Superhero Tri team challenge.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have cerebral palsy and zero motor control; my limbs literally do their own thing! I am non-verbal too, but that doesn’t mean I have nothing to say. I can chat non-stop with my eye gaze communication device.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I did the Sprint Superhero Tri team challenge with my family last year and loved it so much we’re back to do it again – this year we are upping our game and going for the half.”
Why you want to take part: “For the challenge, for fun, for the love of sport and for family.”

Superhero Series’ lasting impact: “I’m a bit of a nervous nelly, especially since my spinal fusion in 2016. Having rods in my back makes me wary of doing anything dangerous but this event proves that having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t take part.”
Your Kryptonite: “I am a wuss! I will need to dig deep and be brave so we can go faster.”
Gadget of choice: “The ‘Mobiloo’! If they weren’t there with their ‘Changing Places’ bench and hoist, we wouldn’t be able to join in. I can’t go out for the day if there’s nowhere I can ‘go’.”

Tamsin’s superpower: “Eyes that speak my words!”

Superhero Sally

Sally b (002).jpg

Earth years: “34”
Hometown: “Wokingham, Berkshire”
Your chosen mission: “Sprint Superhero Tri Solo”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. EDS causes chronic pain, my joints to dislocate and impacts on almost all of my body's systems. POTS affects my autonomic nervous system and after 2 or 3 minutes, I collapse or pass out when I stand, so I use a wheelchair.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I haven't taken part in any organised sporting events since school!”
Why you want to take part: “I want to show myself and my children that despite all the changes in my health, I can still partake in life and enjoy myself.”

Superhero Series’ lasting impact: “Having been undiagnosed for 27 years, I want to understand more about myself and find sports that I'm able to join in with like the Superhero Series. I also hope to take part in Winter Wonderwheels later this year.”
Your Kryptonite: “The heat! It hugely exacerbates my POTS and in last year’s heat wave I could barely leave the house. I'm hoping for a much cooler summer this year!”
Gadget/s of choice: “I'll be using my recumbent Ice trike, Toothless, after the dragon who protects his disabled rider! My wheelchair Freeda (freedom) for the push section, and a float for the swim as my shoulders dislocate so I need to just kick.”

Sally’s Superpower: “Determination and a love of frogs!”

Superhero Henry

Henry a-1.jpg

Earth Years: “16”
Hometown: “Aldershot, Hampshire”
Your chosen mission: “Sprint Superhero Tri”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “As a result of a brain injury shortly after birth, I have cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, epilepsy and other things associated with those. It means that I need support to do things, although I feel invincible on a bike!”
Sporting super-stripes: “Superhero Tri and Winter Wonder Wheels 2018, Park Run and cycling or running events to raise money for Challengers, my favourite place to go when I’m not at school or home.”

Why you want to take part: “I did both Superhero Tri and Winter Wonderwheels last year with Sidekicks and they were such fun, I can’t wait to be a part of the next one. The atmosphere was fabulous and it is great to feel part of something so special.”
Your Kryptonite: “The weather! And waiting at the start line.”
Gadget/s of choice: “My bike and Sidekicks!”

Harry’s superpower: “My enthusiasm and love of with being other people.”

Superhero Arianne & Sidekick sister Emily

Arianne & Emily b (1).jpg

Earth years: “17”
Hometown: “Petersfield, Hampshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Half Superhero Tri with my family.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I use my wheelchair most of the time to get around and when I’m at home, I walk around with someone holding my hand. I cannot talk so sometimes find it difficult to communicate but you will know when I am having an amazing time at Superhero Tri because I will have a huge smile on my face! J”
Sporting super-stripes: “I took part in the 5K run at Winter Wonderwheels, which I loved. I also love going swimming with my friends and family and bouncing on our trampoline.”

Why you want to take part: “I love doing activities and spending time with my family so the Superhero Series events are perfect for me. We also want to fundraise for the incredible charity Challengers who have helped me and my family for many years.”
Your Kryptonite: “Getting distracted by all of the amazing supporters and other Superheroes!”
Gadget/s of choice: “My wheelchair for the run, an adapted bicycle for the cycle and lots of floats for the swim!”

Arianne’s superpower: “Making everyone smile.”

Superhero Fraser

Fraser & April a.jpg

Earth years: “Nearly six”
Hometown: “Billericay, Essex”
Your chosen mission: “I took part in Superhero Tri 2018. My big sister was my Sidekick.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have poorly muscles called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive genetic condition. I can’t walk so I have two wheelchairs – a powered one I drive all by myself and a manual one that my family and friends help to push.”
Sporting super-stripes: “Even though I can’t walk, I’m a mountaineer! In 2017 I climbed Mount Snowdon. I hitched a ride on my Mummy’s back in a special carrier. We carried photos up with us of all the boys who have Duchenne muscles like me – we all conquered the climb together!”

Why you want to take part: “We wanted to help raise some pennies for scientists who are trying to find a medicine for poorly muscles.”
Superhero Series’ lasting impact: “When they told my Mummy that I had Duchenne she didn’t think I would be able to take part in sports. I proved her wrong when I crossed the finish line at Dorney Lake! I can do anything. There is always a way.”
Your Kryptonite: “As I was relying on my sister to push me, I had to keep telling her to push me faster! We giggled all the way round!”
Gadget/s of choice: “I love my powered wheelchair – it’s my legs. I drive it very fast and use my horn to make people move out of my way! I’m a boy with places to go and people to see!”

Fraser’s superpower: “My determination to live life with the biggest smile.”

Superhero Bart

BART b.jpg

Earth years: “36”
Hometown: “Chippenham, Wiltshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Full Superhero Tri.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have Arthrogryposis (weak muscles and stiff joints), which means I have very limited use of all my limbs. I like to find my own ways to adapt to take part in sports and activities, including playing the piano and driving an adapted car, so that I can lead as normal life as possible. I work as a motivational speaker.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I completed the Solo Full Superhero Tri in 2017 and 2018. I also completed the Marie Curie 5km Swimathon in 2017 and when I was at college in 2002 I briefly held a world record for team endurance drumming – 33 hours and 33 minutes.”

Why you want to take part: “When I was born, doctors said I’d never walk and that I may never sit up. I started walking aged three and have managed to take part in various sports and activities, including running, football, table tennis and swimming. I am always looking for new challenges to push the boundaries of my disability and this is a real challenge for me. I’m doing the Full Solo Tri for the third year running and hope to beat my best time of 4:12:31 in 2019.”
Superhero Series’ lasting impact: “I have always enjoyed sport and although I am slower than most people, I love the challenge of any sporting event. Superhero Tri is such a great way for anyone with any disability to push themselves to their limits and this is why I enjoy taking part.”
Your Kryptonite: “The 20km cycle is the hardest part of the course for me.”
Gadget/s of choice: “I ride a handcycle which has been specially adapted for me.”

Your superpower: “Determination and perseverance

Superhero Jamie

Jamie Gane a.jpg

Earth years: “24”
Hometown: “Basingstoke, Hampshire”
Your chosen mission: “npower Winter Wonderwheels’ Twice Round the Lake 10km.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I’m a single below-knee amputee, but previously a full-time wheelchair user for 14 years.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I’ve competed in the World Judo Games, World Obstacle Course Race Championships and the World's Toughest Mudder, a 24-hour endurance race.”
Why you want to take part: “To be able to encourage, inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals.”

Superhero Series’ lasting impact: “I love to be able to see people setting their own challenges and smashing their goals. Whether the event is taking you 10 minutes to complete or 10 hours, everyone is there to be involved and to have a great time.”
Your Kryptonite: “Rain! Thankfully it was a dry day.”
Gadget/s of choice: “I used my Blade XT around the course.”

Your Superpower: “Whether it's a 10ft wall or a muddy pit, I'm able to conquer any obstacle. Throw it at me!”

Superhero Jamie

EDSH jamie a.jpg

Earth years: “12”
Hometown: “Sittingbourne, Kent”
Your chosen mission: “Winter Wonderwheels’ Once Round the Lake 5k.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I was born 16 weeks early weighing just 815g. A couple of days after I was born I had a brain haemorrhage which has left me with Cerebral Palsy. This affects all my limbs and makes it hard for me to join in with physical activities.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I’ve been zipwiring, abseiling, canoeing, horse riding, on Parkruns and the Superhero Tri in August (the Full Tri and Celebrity Race on #teamFreya).”
Why you want to take part: “Superhero Tri in the summer was amazing so I'm coming back for more!”

Superhero Series’ lasting impact: “Mum pushes me round Parkrun to practice doing 5km. My Sidekicks need to be fit enough to help me!”
Your Kryptonite: “Getting cold, especially my nose and ears!”
Gadget of choice: “A Kimba Cross buggy, complete with Superhero cape, Mrs Santa and two reindeer (Mum, Dad and little brother Isaac).

Jamie’s superpower: “A massive grin and excellent helpers.”

Superhero Billy Mansell

EDSH Billy Mansell b.jpg

Earth years: “24”
Hometown: “Southend-On-Sea, Essex.”
Your chosen mission: “The npower Winter Wonderwheels 1k Dash and Twice Round the Lake 10K.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I cycle to help release and relieve my symptoms.”
Sporting super-stripes: “Superhero Tri 2018 was the first big event I have been to since my life changed due to my health. I’ve also attended many local events as an Active Essex Alltogether Ambassador to help inspire participation within disability and encourage inclusive sport.”

Why you want to take part: “Not only to enjoy participating myself, but to surround myself with inspirational and motivational people, to help raise awareness of inclusive sport and, most of all, to inspire others with similar conditions to take part.”
Superhero Series’ lasting impact: “It has shown me disability sport at its best. It makes me incredibly passionate to do my best as these events are really the only opportunities I get to participate and win medals. I used to be a keen athlete and the Series has shown me you can be an athlete and winner no matter your ability or level – and you get to dress up in the process. What’s not to love!”
Your Kryptonite: “Fatigue.”
Gadget/s of choice: “My mountain bike. I’m sure that with my incredible Sidekicks assisting me on the day, there will be nothing we’ll be short of!”

Billy’s Superpower: “Dedication – to achieve through believing and inspiring others in the process.”

Superhero Harry (AKA Batman) and Sidekick Mum Cirsty

EDSH Harry & Cirsty.jpg

Earth years: “7”
Hometown: “Jersey, Channel Islands”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “An undiagnosed genetic condition, epilepsy and a sensory processing disorder, meaning Harry has various challenges physically and cognitively. He’s only just started cycling and running and is trying to slowly build up his distances using his super gadgets!”
Sporting super-stripes: “The Disney Paris 5K fun run (Mummy pushing me in my buggy) and children’s 100m run, the Sprint and celebrity race at Superhero Tri 2017 and the Jersey Spartans 1.3K fun run.”

Why you want to take part: “The Superhero Series allows me to be a Superhero and use my super powers to take part in sports that I wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity to do in Jersey.”
Superhero Series’ lasting impact: “I loved Superhero Tri and it has given me so much more confidence to take part in things! I have since done a local children’s fun run with my Mummy using my frame! Disability doesn't mean inability!”
Your Kryptonite: “Being distracted by all the super supporters & my legs getting tired quickly!”
Gadget/s of choice: “For the swimming stage my Mummy and my ‘boat’, my trike for the bike stage and for running my frame – and super-fast splints!”

Harry’s superpower: “Making friends with everybody!”

Superhero Frances

EDSH Frances a (002).jpg

Earth years: 30
Hometown: Middleton Cheney, Oxfordshire
Your chosen mission: “Last year I did the Sprint Tri with my Can Do friends. It was my mission to do the running part, which I did with my mum. This year I’d like to have a go at the cycling!”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have Downs Syndrome and have faced various challenges throughout my life. My biggest challenge last year was to have more patience as I couldn’t wait to start the race!”
Sporting super-stripes: “Some of my proudest moments have been participating in trampoline competitions. I am also really proud that I have been able to learn and become confident at canoeing.”

What you’re most looking forward to: “I love the excitement of big sporting competitions. I am secretly a competitive person who never gives up, so I am really looking forward to the event.”
Your Kryptonite: “I’ll be desperate to get to the finish line! I need to remember not to rush, so that I can enjoy the atmosphere.”
Gadget/s of choice: “I don’t get to ride bikes very often, so it will be really fab to ride anything!”
Frances’s superpower: “Making other people smile.” 

Superhero Dan

EDSH Dan & Jazz b.jpg

Earth years: “39”
Hometown: “Warwick, Warwickshire”
Your chosen mission: “I’m doing the Full Superhero Tri team challenge with my brothers. My younger brother is doing the swim, I’m doing 20k cycle and my older brother is doing the run.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I’m a T1 complete paraplegic, so lack of core muscles and bodily function is a hindrance and doing 20k with arms as opposed to legs is a lot harder. I’m using a handcycle at the gym two or three times a week to strengthen them.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I love wheelchair basketball. I play for two teams and was recently nominated the regional under 15s head coach. I used to be a GB fencer too but had to give it up due to elbow troubles.”

Why you want to take part: “I’m fundraising for Dogs for Good, which has given me two fantastic dogs. My current dog, Jazz, helps me in so many ways, from picking things up from the floor for me to bringing me the phone in the night when I wake up with infections. She’s a constant companion and will be watching on the day.”
Your Kryptonite: “Due to my injury I lose my first wind quickly and imagine my arms will go to jelly at 5km. I’ll just have to push on through till I get my second wind.”
Gadget/s of choice: “My friend’s handcycle. It’s a hybrid so it’s got a bit of battery power if I need a boost.”

Dan’s Superpower: “I’m quite a joker and I always find the fun in things as opposed to the negative.”

Superhero Katy

EDSH Katy a.jpg

Earth years: “21”
Hometown: “Banbury, Oxfordshire”
Your chosen mission: “I’m swimming in the Sprint Superhero Tri team challenge for the second year running!”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have Scimitar Syndrome, a congenital heart defect that means I can get more breathless than others and it can cause cardiac problems.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I am my university trampolining club’s President, which I absolutely love!”

Why you want to take part: “To show others that you can get over the physical and mental barriers and also because disability sport needs to be promoted more.”

Your Kryptonite: “The apprehension of taking part! And making sure I am prepared enough to complete the challenge!”
Gadget/s of choice: “My two friends who are taking part with me. One is taking on the cycle and the other the final push/run.”


Katy’s superpower: “I never like to give up! I want to motivate others and show that you can achieve so much with determination.”

Superhero Ben, aka Arrow

EDSH Ben b.jpg

Earth years: “19”
Hometown: “Ovington, Hampshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri solo event.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have Down’s Syndrome, which means concentration and endurance are difficult for me. I have flat feet which makes any foot related activity tough and I am deaf in my left ear, which makes it difficult to hear people cheering from that side!”
Sporting super-stripes: “I play lots of tennis and have been selected for the UK Special Olympics for the World Special Olympics Games in Abu Dhabi in Spring 2019. I have also played cricket for Hampshire Disability teams.”

Why you want to take part: “To show people what can be done and to support my sister, who does a great job for Variety.”
Your Kryptonite: “Keeping going over the whole distance.”
Gadget/s of choice: “A good bike and an energy drink!”

Ben's Superpower: “My Mum!”

Superhero Freya

EDSH Freya a.jpg

Earth years: “14”
Hometown: “Hillam, North Yorkshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Superhero Tri solo with my trusty Sidekick, my brother, Gabe.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I'm like everyone. I have to work hard to achieve what I want to do.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I am in a swim squad called Tadcaster Stingrays and I attended a Special Olympics event. I did npower Winter Wheels last year with some of my swim squad.” 
Why you want to take part: “Because I want to swim, cycle and run with everyone.”

Your Kryptonite: “It’s not difficult at all. I’m going to love it.  I'm going to cycle really fast and I don’t need any help. I can do this!”
Gadget/s of choice: “Leila, my special trike.” 

Freya’s superpower: “To cycle really fast.” Mum says, “Freya's steely determination, not seeing her disabilities as a barrier and her remarkable ability to make everyone feel happy.  Her most used phrase is, ‘I can do this!’”

Superhero Neil

EDSH Neil b.jpg

Earth years: “31”
Hometown: “Newcastle upon Tyne”
Your chosen mission: “npower Winter Wonderwheels 5k. I was going to do 10k but wanted to join others running from Leonard Cheshire Disability.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I have run the Great North Run six times for different charities. I have also taken part in a marathon walk this year, walking around metro stations.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Meeting new people and visiting a place I haven’t been before.”

Your Kryptonite: “Horrible weather.”
Gadget/s of choice: “My legs.”

Neil’s superpower: “The ability to meet and help people.”

Superhero Kitty

EDSH Kitty a.jpg

Earth years: “11”
Hometown: “Battle, East Sussex”
Your chosen mission: “Full Superhero Tri.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have cerebral palsy, I’m a full-time wheelchair user and need a lot of assistance.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I completed the npower Winter Wonderwheels in December, I will be competing at Hickstead in May with the RDA club and I’ve recently been on a skiing holiday using a sit ski.”

Why you want to take part: “For fun, adventure and the social side. I’m getting loads of people to take part with me or come along and support.”
Your Kryptonite: “The hardest thing will be trying to contain my excitement! There’s nothing I’m not looking forward to. The biggest barrier to completing is if my Dad can’t do the whole swim!”
Gadget/s of choice: “An inflatable boat for the swimming, a three-wheeler chair for the run and an adapted trike for the bike ride.”

Kitty’s superpower: “A ‘let’s join in’ attitude. If it’s high, fast and fun I’m there. I want to show others that you can do whatever you want, maybe just with some extra help and equipment!!!”

Superhero Andi

EDSH Jo-Anne b.jpg

Earth years: “49”
Hometown: “Currently living in West London but my heart will always be in The Scottish Borders.”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri team event.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have a Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, which means my joints can dislocate at the slightest provocation (yawning and other dangerous activities like that!) amongst other complications.
Sporting super-stripes: “Last year’s Superhero Tri, npower Winter Wonderwheels and Parallel London.”

Why you want to take part: “The thought of taking part in a sporting activity had never even crossed my mind until I came across Superhero Tri. I did the bike stage of the team Sprint and the buzz was so amazing that this year I want to see if I can manage two stages.” 
Your Kryptonite: “All I need to do now is conquer my water issues and fight my way into a wetsuit and we are home and dry ;).
Gadget/s of choice: “My trike Trixie, Wilma my Wheely-Walker thing and my Hydrotherapy floatation belt.”

Jo-Anne’s superpower: “My Husband. With him by my side my inner “Wonder Woman” shines through. Oh, and cupcakes. Never give up. Never surrender. And never say no to a cupcake.”

Superhero Sally

EDSH Sally Valentine b.jpg

Earth years: “40 (shh… don’t tell too many people)”
Hometown: “Peterborough, Cambridgeshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Half Superhero Tri team.
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have MS and I find it very frustrating that I can’t do what I used to be able to. Superhero Tri gives me a chance to be part of an event (and my Sidekick, partner Lenny, can do the bits I can’t do)!”
Sporting super-stripes: “Before being diagnosed with MS I was a keen club runner. I ran the London Marathon three times. I also did the ‘London to Brighton Challenge’ – a 100km walk in one go. But my sporting high was being in #TeamKadeena in the 2017 Superhero Tri celebrity race.”

Why you want to take part: “It was super fun last time. I want to come back and take part in an event inclusive to all. We all have different abilities and can all do different things, but everyone can be a Superhero on the day.”
Your Kryptonite: “The heat as it makes me more fatigued and getting out of the water with wobbly legs.”
Gadget/s of choice: “Sidekick Lenny – The Human Walking Stick!”
Your superpower: “The ability to keep going. In the words of Kadeena Cox – ‘Keep S’Myelin and Never Give Up.’”

Superhero Anil

EDSH Anil a.jpg

Earth years: “36”
Hometown: “Wolverhampton.”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have cerebral palsy. The biggest challenge for me will be navigating my bike and making sure that I don’t fall off.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I completed the 3km bike race at the first-ever Superhero Tri last August and I thoroughly enjoy swimming as I believe it is an all-round body workout that helps me relax my lower limbs.”


Why you want to take part: “Why not? I love a new challenge and it is a great opportunity to get active and at the same time inspire others.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Being part of the event, meeting new people and having a great time.”
Your Kryptonite: “Speed – but I will not let this stop me and I will try my best to reach the finish line in the quickest time possible.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My bike, which I hope I can better navigate in this race.”

Anil’s superpower: “My willingness and determination to succeed.”

Superhero Emily

EDSH Emily b.jpg

Earth years: “24”
Hometown: “Great Sutton, Cheshire”
Your chosen mission: “I’m doing the Sprint Sidekick Tri with my sister Alice as my Sidekick.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have Dyspraxia, Asperger syndrome (A form of autism) and Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which means I could dislocate any of my joints and my body gets tired easily. It affects my co-ordination resulting in my right leg not always cooperating. It may just drag when I swim instead of actually kicking. I can also get very overwhelmed and anxious.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I love swimming and horse riding.”

Why you want to take part: “I want to take part to show people with my disabilities anything is possible, especially with support from people who love you.”
Your Kryptonite: “Not letting myself get overwhelmed by all the people and noises due to my autism. I don’t have a conventional style when I swim, wheel or walk due to my co-ordination, meaning I get tired faster and am more likely to fall.”
Gadget/s of choice: “My Sidekick Alice as she’ll keep me calm and on target. I also have my wheelchair which is an off-roading chair as well as my rainbow crutches in case I have enough energy to use them for the push/run section. For the bike I’m using a double hand bike.”

Your Superpower: “My smile and my ‘never give up’ attitude.”

Superhero Rhys & Sidekick Dad Anthony

EDSH Rhys a.jpg

Earth years: “5.”
Hometown: “Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire.”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Sidekick Tri.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “Rhys is a very happy boy who has cerebral palsy, and other problems he lives with every day. Rhys can bum shuffle on the floor on his own but it is always a challenge to get around and take part in activities.”
Sporting super-stripes: “Rhys has taken part in sports day at school where he earned a few points for his team and he loved it.”

Why you want to take part: “The idea came about after Rhys’s sister had her first sports day last year. Rhys clapped frantically from the sidelines and didn’t stop cheering all afternoon. At the end of the day they called for the ‘siblings race’. I asked Rhys if he wanted to take part and he shouted "Yaaaay”. So I carried him to the start line and when we set off I held my arms round him, while he kicked his legs forward as if he was running himself. He was absolutely hysterical all the way and people clapped and cheered him on. He loved it! This is why we want to do Superhero Tri – with him, not for him.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Crossing the finish Line with Rhys!”
Your Kryptonite: “The transitions."

Gadget of choice: “The boat.”

Rhys’s superpower: “His happiest. He will warm to anyone, has a huge smile, an infectious laugh and always demands a cuddle.”

Superhero Nancy & Sidekick Mum Emma

EDSH Nancy b.jpg

Earth years: “One and half years old.”
Hometown: “Liphook, Hampshire.”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri team event this August.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “Nancy has a very rare genetic disorder. She has difficulty maintaining her body temperature, so her biggest challenge on the day will be to keep her warm enough so that she can complete the course and cross the finish line with a super-warm smile.”
Sporting super-stripes: “Nancy’s sporting talents include swimming and gymnastics. Her flexibility is phenomenal and she’s currently choosing between future careers as a contortionist or a magician’s assistant!”

Why you want to take part: “Nancy’s hoping that not only will the training programme get her parents fit again(!) but that she can get out there and help spread awareness of genetic disorders. With increased knowledge and understanding, hopefully we can all be reminded that inclusivity of so many people who are following a path that is different to the norm is something to be celebrated.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “The cycling. After watching her 4-year-old brother zooming around on a bike for so long she's keen to be out there giving him a race on two wheels!”
Your Kryptonite: “The weather.”
Gadget of choice: “Her trusty sporty buggy. Nancy plans to lie back in comfort whilst her Sidekicks wheel her over the finish line!”

Nancy’s superpower: “Her smile! She has the ability to charm and melt anyone lucky enough to come under its spell!”

Superhero Chris

EDSH Chris yellow tilt b.jpg

Earth years: “62”
Hometown: “Hydestile in Surrey”
Your chosen mission: “I’m down for the Full Superhero Tri.”
Your disability and how it challenges you: “My wife and I both lost our left legs above the knee in a road accident in the USA nearly 10 years ago. Stump management is a continuing battle and Father Time isn’t helping either… But I have a range of weapons in my armoury and keep fighting.”
Sporting super-stripes: “As far as I can tell, I became the first above-knee amputee to run London Marathon last April. I’ve now run two full marathons in this configuration, with my best time being 4h and 29m. As an AKA (above the knee amputee) I’ve competed in three Olympic distance triathlons and I swam the Serpentine 2-miler last September. Oh, and I climbed Kilimanjaro in 2016.”

Why you want to take part: “I still love competing and seeing how fast this old vehicle will go. Even with bits missing. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.”
Your Kryptonite: “Falling down.”
Gadget/s of choice: “One of my secret weapons is my ‘Limbwow’ – a piece of synthetic car chamois that goes between my stump and the prosthetic liner. It soaks up the sweat and stops the liner slipping, even through a marathon. There, it’s not so secret any more.”

Chris’s superpower: “My wife Denise, who completely understands the frustrations of being an above-knee amputee. By the way, I love the double-take I get when I pass another runner near the finish line. I can see the thought bubble, ‘I’ve just been overtaken by an old man with one leg...’”

Superhero Thomas

Thomas tilted (002).jpg

Earth years: “13”
Hometown: “Metheringham, Lincolnshire”
Your chosen mission: “npower Winter Wonderwheels’ Once Round the Lake (5km)”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have cerebral palsy and my biggest challenge will be coping with the cold as my muscles don’t work that well in the cold. I am an international RaceRunner so I am really looking forward to training for the npower Winter WonderWheels as it will also help my winter RaceRunning training.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I just love RaceRunning. My highlight is representing my country at the European RaceRunning Championships in Denmark in 2016 and coming home with four gold medals. I’m also the Under 16 National RaceRunning champion in 2017 for 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m.

Why you want to take part: “To meet so many more people like me who have cerebral palsy and also to raise the profile of RaceRunning now it has become a Paralympic discipline. I want lots more children like me to see my RaceRunner and think, ‘I can do that.’”
What you’re most looking forward to: “The challenge of completing another 5km and meeting so many lovely people just like me. It is going to be cool to highlight what we as disabled athletes can do – rather than what we can’t.”
Your Kryptonite: “I think the wind and cold could be my biggest challenge as high winds could make me wobble on my RaceRunner.”
Gadget of choice: “My wonderful RaceRunner, which will help me fly around the course.”

Thomas’s superpower: “Me and my RaceRunner – we could not do it without each other! My sense of humour too as you have to have fun being a Superhero!”

Superhero Phil

Phil tilt b.jpg

Earth years: “45”
Hometown: “Catterall, near Preston, in Lancashire”
Your chosen mission: “npower Winter Wonderwheels’ Twice Round the Lake (10k) and I also plan to do Superhero Tri again next year.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “Following two strokes I have left-sided weakness and cognitive impairments to memory. I get tired and staying awake is my challenge.”
Sporting super-stripes: “Pre-disability I cycled and did events such as the Great North Bike Ride. I was also known to commute to work by bike (70 mile round trip). Since my stroke, just getting up each day feels like an achievement. My biggest superpower achievement is adopting my beautiful daughters (pre-stroke).”

What you’re most looking forward to: “Meeting others. I’m a people person.”
Your Kryptonite: “I’ll find driving to Windsor quite a challenge due to tiredness, and at the event the same.”
Gadget/s of choice: “A recumbent trike. Unless I can get myself on two wheels again. Then I’ll be on my pre-stroke Fat Bike!”

Phil’s superpower: “Embarrassing my kids – especially the teen!”

Superhero Fran

Fran tilt b.jpg

Earth years: “36”
Hometown: “Brecon, Powys”
Your chosen mission: “npwer Winter Wonderwheels’ Twice Round the Lake (10k).”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have left-sided hemiparesis from a brain injury. My left-hand side is weaker and fatigues quickly, so my right has to work super hard to compensate. In training I also need to work super hard to avoid fatigue and build things up steadily.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I won silver in VL3 at the 2015 Paracanoe World Championships, I did the swim leg in the Full Superhero Tri team event and I’m about to head off to the World Surf Kayak Championships to compete as an individual and as first reserve for the ladies Welsh team.”

Why you want to take part: “I enjoyed Superhero Tri so much that I wanted come back. It was so inspiring to see so many people with such a huge range of disabilities taking part on their own terms.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Making new Superhero friends.”
Your Kryptonite: “Celery.”
Gadget/s of choice: “My trusty recumbent trike!”

Fran’s superpower: “Smiley, determined, sport-motivating waterbabe.”

Superhero Craig

Earth years: “38”
Hometown: “Birkenhead, Cheshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri team event – I’ll be doing the bike part.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I only have one leg as well as scoliosis and hip dysplasia. As a result I suffer chronic pain on a daily basis.”
Ever done anything like this before? “No, but there’s a first time for everything.”
Sporting super-stripes: “Former England Amputee Football International and former captain of Everton mixed disability team. Current North West Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) dressage champion in walk only class.”


Why Superhero Tri: “Why not? I love to challenge myself and want to be noticed as a person, not by my disability.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Riding a handbike as I’ve not done so since I was a teenager.”
Your Kryptonite: “Pain, but I won't let it stop me.”
Gadget of choice: “A handbike.”

Craig’s Superpower: “Positivity and the drive to do it.”

Superhero Mark

Earth years: “54”
Hometown: “London”
Your disability: “I’m an amputee and am hearing impaired.”
Sporting super-stripes: “Last year I became the first disabled man to compete in the Great Wall of China Marathon. I’m currently training to go to the Archery GB Academy in September.”
Why Superhero Tri: “I love all aspects of triathlon because it's a multisport endurance tester and I love endurance tests. It pushes you to the limits.”
What you're most looking forward to: "Being a #TeamDorset Superhero and meeting all the amazing competition. i really enjoy encouraging people to take part in sport and can't wait for an awesome day out.”

Your Kryptonite: “Heat is not good for me, so I may need to use my Superhero shield to protect me. But if it’s cool the other guys better watch out!”
Gadgets of choice: “My dynamic leg and super-fast handcycle.”

Mark’s superpower: “I can make anyone smile and enjoy themselves. I also have super determination and a super have-a-go attitude.”

Superhero Megan

Earth years: “13”
Hometown: “Leyland, Lancashire”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have bilateral clubfeet, chronic regional pain syndrome and full-body spasms and seizures. I can’t feel or use my body from my waist down. The swim is going to be my biggest challenge as I have never swam in a lake before and it will be all upper-body strength – and I need to stop talking long enough so I don’t drown!”
Ever done anything like it before? “No, I’ve only taken part in one wheelchair race before, so the rest is a huge challenge.”

Sporting super-stripes: “Even with my disability, I love sport and have always done sporting activities. At the moment my passion is wheelchair tennis, in which I’ve achieved silver in singles and gold in doubles. I also do wheelchair racing and won the chariot event at Mad Dog. What I love is the friends you make with people who have the same love and passion as you.”
Why Superhero Tri: “Why not? I love a challenge and where better than in a place where I can maybe be inspired and inspire others.”
What are you most looking forward to: “Giggles, lots of giggles, and meeting new friends and having lots of fun.”
Your Kryptonite: “Pain is going to be my biggest battle, but I will dig deep.”
Gadgets of choice: “My tandem bike and lots of prayers!!!!!”

Megan’s superpower: “Being so positive and determined, and always making people smile.” 

Superhero Sebastian & Sidekick Paul

Earth Years: “40 & 11”
Hometown: “Salford, Greater Manchester”
What challenge are you doing? “The Full Sidekick Tri”
Tell us about your Superhero you’ll be superpowering around the course: “Sebastian is 11 and has a genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome, which means he cannot walk, talk, or feed himself, and has a high dependency on us (his parents) to care for him. Bizarrely his condition also means he has compulsive laughter (termed ‘inappropriate laughter’ by professionals) and the ability to heal the souls of those nearby with love and positive energy. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.”

Will you be using any gismos or gadgets? “I will probably ask Sebastian’s little brother Harrison to sit with him for the swim and keep him calm (and in the boat) whilst I tow them both. I know he’s not a gadget or gizmo, but for a brief time he’ll be a hero to his big brother. A worthy shout out, no? The charity Wheels for All has kindly given us use of a tricycle for the bike section, which is like a really cool, comfy wheelchair with pedals.”
Why are you taking part? “Ultimately it allows me to connect with Sebastian soul to soul and share a glorious moment. We’ll cross the finish line broken, beaten and battered, but connected as a family and full of love, embracing each other at our combined success, each person playing their own important part.”
Have you ever done anything like this before? “In 2013 we cycled from Manchester to Blackpool on one of those adapted bikes and when I crossed the finish line I cried like a tired-emotional-broken-man-baby. Sebastian laughed the whole way.”
What will be your Kryptonite? “The logistics of Sebastian in boat, plus the cold and me towing him makes up about 90% of my concern. You can watch us trying to solve these issues on our Vlog: YouTube/DisabilityReel.”
What tips would you recommend to any other potential Super Sidekicks out there? “One thing to come out of this are the amazing connections and knowledge from people when I tell them what we are doing. So reach out to everyone for any help you need, because it turns out somebody you know, knows a person who…Etc…”

Sebastian’s superpower: “Belly Laughter and Giggles.”

Superhero Isaac

EDSH Isaac.jpg

Earth Years: “5”
Hometown: “Bristol”
Your chosen mission: “Sprint Superhero Tri Solo”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I was born with a through-knee amputation of my right leg. I do, however, have a really cool blade that I love and which enables me to run really fast. I don’t have a bendy knee, so it will be very tiring to run and cycle, but luckily I have lots of energy to overcome this.”
Ever done anything like this before? “This is my first triathlon, although I did do a duathlon last summer. The marshalls thought I was going to ride my trike into the lake, but I was in control – honest :-). It was great fun, so I am looking forward to racing again.”

Sporting super-stripes? “I love lots of different sports, including running, football, scooting, biking, body-boarding and swimming.”
Why Superhero Tri? “Superhero Tri will be an inspirational event and I will get to do three sports that I like.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “The whole event atmosphere and the enjoyment I get from new challenges and meeting other participants.”
Your Kryptonite: “I'm still in the process of learning to swim, so I think the swim could be very tough, but I am relying on my dad to help me out here.  If the water is very cold, I hope that he will be in the water and I can catch a ride.”
Your gadget/s of choice? “My cheetah blade, together with my flashing dinosaur trainers for the run and my nifty scooter for the cycle.”

Isaac's superpower: “My endless energy. My mum will often ask, ‘Do you ever sit still?’ but I can't stop myself!  So I’m hoping my long-lasting ‘battery power’ will kick in on event day.” 

Superhero Kris

EDSH Kris b.jpg

Earth Years: “46 (minus about 20 in spirit)”
Hometown: “Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire”
Your chosen mission: “To compete in the Sprint Sidekick Tri towing my able-bodied partner, Dean; to support one of my other team members John as his wheelchair buddy in his Sprint Tri 1k push; to complete the 2.5k push in the Half Tri; and make sure my six teams have a great day to remember.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have a degenerative joint condition, which causes severe pain and limits my ability to walk, so I’m a wheelchair user. I’ve competed in several wheelchair events so I’m used to pushing myself hard. But I don’t swim much and only use my arms, so I’m expecting the Sidekick swim to be a bit of a challenge.”

Ever done anything like this before? “I did a 10k handcycle in a triathlon team in 2015, I have two London Marathons under my belt and a few other distance events.”
Sporting super-stripes: “After embracing a wheelchair six years ago I became a fitness instructor and provide exercise classes to people with and without disabilities; 14 of these clients will be taking part with me as “Team Wheely” in their first tri event. I've also gone on to present workshops, talks and demonstrations showing people a different and positive approach to disability and I’ve also started dipping my wheels into acting and dance.”
Why Superhero Tri? “It’s such a great event because it brings everyone together regardless of ability, embraces individuality and takes away barriers to ensure everyone can compete and share in a great experience of achievement, participation and fun.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Being part of something unique and seeing everyone sharing in a common goal: to be the best they can be and celebrate their abilities.”
Your Kryptonite: “Trying to get my wetsuit off. Legs are impossible as I can’t push it off and I can’t reach down enough with my arms to pull it.”
Your gadget/s of choice? “My wheelchair for the push/run, a handcycle for the bike section and a surf board for towing my Sidekick in the Sprint Sidekick Tri.”
Your Superpower: “Strong arms, stubbornness and determination – and a body built on chocolate!”

Superhero Eve & Sidekicks Jenni & Steve

Ages: “Sidekicks both 42, Superhero 4”
Hometown: “Dorking, Surrey”
What challenge are you doing? “The Sprint Superhero Tri relay”
Tell us about your Superhero you’ll be superpowering around the course: ”Our Superhero is the Tiny Tornado, our daughter Eve. She has a very rare chromosome condition. She is also the happiest, most determined and cheekiest person we know. She loves swimming, music, crawling at high speed (hence her Superhero name), being outdoors and teaching her super-cousin, Hurricane Jake, all her mischief-making secrets.”
Will you be using any gismos or gadgets? “Eve’s off-road pushchair and walker.”

Why are you taking part? “Because it’s uniquely inspirational and huge fun. An event like this shows you the true power of sport and it’s not about being the fastest or the fittest or the most physically able. It's about showing yourself and others that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible and that sporting achievement and physical courage takes many forms.”
What will be your Kryptonite? ”We want the Tiny Tornado to do the last 100m of the run/push in her new walker. This might be a bit of a challenge as a) she’s still learning how to use it and b) she considers straight lines rather dull!”
How do you train together? Eve and Mummy go on regular run/pushes together, along with our canine sidekick Scout. We all go on family hikes and Mummy and Daddy take turns seeing just how 'off-road' our trusty pushchair is!
What tips would you recommend to any other potential Super Sidekicks out there? “Don't panic!  There will be huge support and goodwill for you and your Superhero so take your time and enjoy it. Make sure you look around and see everyone cheering for you.”

The team’s superpower: “At the risk of sounding cheesy, it's Eve's attitude to life. She doesn't know what any of her diagnostic labels mean. If she can't do something she doesn't let it bother her; she simply finds a way round it with a cheeky grin on her face. Also beer. Beer is isotonic and hops are good for you!”

Superhero Ed


Earth years: “25”
Hometown: “Welwyn Garden City, Buckinghamshire”
Your chosen mission: Half Superhero Tri
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I suffered a traumatic brain injury after being knocked down by a speeding taxi driver whilst crossing the road. I was in a coma for six months and spent almost two years in hospital, but thanks to the support of my family and friends I’m now able to walk and talk once more. But my balance still isn’t the best!”
Ever done anything like this before? “This will be my first big sporting event, but I’ve also taken up rowing and I’m training with a view to competing in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo.”

Sporting super-stripes: “Running”
Why Superhero Tri? “I like to try to push myself as far as I can go, so when I heard about Superhero Tri, I knew I definitely wanted to take part.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “It will be a big challenge for me, but I’m looking forward to completing my training and achieving my goal of finishing the race.”
Your Kryptonite: “Cycling on slippery roads!”
Ed’s superpower: “A ‘never give up’ attitude.”

Superhero Abbie

Earth years: “14”
Hometown: “Long Eaton, Derbyshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Full Superhero Tri, with my friend Eleanor, my Dad Dave and maybe my sister Katie as my Sidekicks.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have a muscle-wasting disease and a spinal cord syrinx that mostly affects my spine and legs and causes severe pain and weakness, so I’m a part-time wheelchair user. But with my family and friends always encouraging and helping me, I stay positive.”
Ever done anything like this before? “I have started to do 2k and 5k park runs in my wheelchair with my sister to improve my fitness and to do exercise together.”

Sporting super-stripes: “I love taking part in sports, but always struggle due to my disability. However, my parents have always given me the confidence to have a go at anything, no matter what. I recently started playing wheelchair tennis and it is a fantastic sport. In my first year I was undefeated in both singles and doubles. I am currently the National School Games 2016 Girls Singles and Doubles Champion, the National Girls Singles and Doubles Champion and the National Junior Green Ball Doubles Champion. I have also have made some amazing friendships through playing.”
Why Superhero Tri? “I love a challenge and I want to be like everyone else for the day. I also hope to inspire others with disabilities, as we can do anything we put our minds to!!”
What you’re most looking forward to: “All of it!! Meeting all the Superheroes, having fun and proving I can do it.”
Your Kryptonite: “The bike as my balance is not very good – and coping with pain to be able to finish.”
Gadget/s of choice? “A dinghy, a tandem bike and my wheelchair.”

Abbie’s superpower: “My amazing Sidekicks, my determination and the ability to always keep smiling.”

Superhero twins Alice & Tommy, & Sidekicks James, Georgie & India

Earth years: “13”
Hometown: “Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, birthplace of the Paralympics.”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri with our parents, James and Georgie, and little sister India as Sidekicks.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “We have quadriplegic, dystonic cerebral palsy, which means we’ll be enjoying the mission from the comfort of our wheelchairs. Whoever draws the short straw gets to do the water challenge.”
Ever done anything like this before? “We’ve done 10ks before and are climbing our first mountain in May, but never a triathlon.”

Sporting super-stripes: “Skiing, mountaineering, horse riding and football (we’re lethal from five yards out).”
Why Superhero Tri? “To raise money for the amazing people at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “We like smacking the bums of other runners as we overtake.”
Your Kryptonite: “We have brain implants, which technically make us cyborgs (but don’t tell the organisers in case we get disqualified).”
Gadget/s of choice? “Our wheelchairs. Although we haven’t yet worked out if they float…”

Alice and Tommy’s superpower: “Our smiles smash down walls.”

Superhero Amanda

Earth years: “50”
Hometown: “Oxted, Surrey”
Your chosen mission: “The Full Superhero Tri team event with my friends as guides, helpers and teammates (I am running with Roger, I’m still to decide on my cycling guide and Krista is doing the swim).
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have macular dystrophy and nystagmus. I am registered blind. With the right help and support I can get over all my challenges.”
Ever done anything like this before? “I did a supersprint tri in 2013.”

Sporting super-stripes: “I am training for four events this year, including the Superhero Tri.”
Why Superhero Tri? “I think it is going to be a really powerful and inspirational event with so many Paralympians and people with a variety of disabilities taking part (and I get to dress as Wonder Woman!).”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Dressing up as Wonder Woman and having great fun!”
Your Kryptonite: “Transition – I forgot to take off my bike helmet for the run in my last tri.”
Gadget/s of choice: “A tandem bike.”

Amanda’s superpower: “Training with my guides and helpers. With them, anything is possible.”

Superhero Victoria

Earth years: “45”
Hometown: “London.”
Your chosen mission: “Full Superhero Tri, passing the swim onto someone else as I can’t face the water.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “Lower leg amputee after a boat accident four years ago in which I lost my husband and 8-year-old daughter.”
Ever done anything like this before? “I've done a few 10ks and a shorter distance triathlon. I found the transition from the bike to the run really hard - my legs (or leg and half) just stopped working!”

Sporting super-stripes: “I have tried to get back to doing most things I did before I lost my leg as it makes me feel like the old me and I don’t want to be defined by my disability. I ski, run, hike, play tennis, bike, do circuit training. Running on a blade was hard to learn and is sometimes painful, but I love the freedom it gives me, to just be able to get up and go for a run in the park.”
Why Superhero Tri? “I think having small achievable goals in life helps us overcome the impossible. I never thought I would get back to running after the accident but I have and it makes me feel as though I could do anything. As a personal trainer I understand the importance of exercise, both physically and mentally, and just because we have a disability shouldn’t stop us giving anything a go.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Finishing!”
Your Kryptonite: “The swim.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My running blade.”

Victoria's superpower: “My kids supporting me and my black spaniel Ted, who loves coming running with me and pushes me on when I am exhausted.”

Superhero Sean

Earth years: “54”
Hometown: “Bruton, Somerset”
Your chosen mission: “To complete in the Half Superhero Tri (400m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k push/run) despite my missing part.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I had my left leg amputated in 2014 after years of pain. I struggled to become mobile and let it get me down. With lots of encouragement and support from ITV's Lorraine and inspired by the likes of Sophia and other Paralympians I was determined to get back on my 'foot' again.”
Ever done anything like this before? “I did a 5k run in 2016.”

Sporting super-stripes: “I was sporty when I was young then an accident put an end to that. I became a rather round couch potato over the subsequent years. My amputation and subsequent prosthesis has allowed me to try those things I never thought possible.”
Why Superhero Tri? “I met Sophia Warner last year and I was inspired by her enthusiasm and I wanted to step up my challenge this year.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Joining all the others, either participating, supporting or cheering everyone on.”
Your Kryptonite: “The bike ride should be a challenge as I only learnt to ride a bike again last year.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My son Ethan as I'm hoping he will carry my leg while I am swimming.”

Sean’s superpower: “My family.”

Superhero Grace

Earth years: “12”
Hometown: “St Brelade, Jersey”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri relay with my Dad.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have diplegia cerebral palsy and nystagmus, so staying in my own lane can be the biggest challenge, as well as getting on and off the bike.”
Ever done anything like this before? “Not a tri, but I did the 100m and 200m in the CP National Championships in Nottingham last year.”
Sporting super-stripes: “I love sport and will have a go at anything. I used to horse ride with the Jersey RDA and I'm a brown belt in karate, which is one below black! I also enjoy wall climbing, hockey and netball at my school.”

Why Superhero Tri? “It's just so exciting! I cannot wait.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Meeting all the other Superheroes and having a great adventure away from my beautiful little Island.”
Your Kryptonite: “My Dad, who is going to do the swim, and my sprinting.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My running shoes.”

Grace's superpower: “I’m extremely determined. I’m The Determinator!”  

Superhero Sam

Earth years: “23”
Hometown: "Kingston Upon Thames"
Your chosen Mission: “To be known as the Autistic Triathlete and to motivate others to take up sport.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I am autistic and have social interaction and communication challenges. Triathlon is great for people with autism because I can do it on my own.”
Ever done anything like this before? “Yes, I did my first Sprint Tri at Dorney Lakes in 2016.”


Sporting super-stripes: “Sport has always been a little challenging for me, but I learnt to ice-skate and play hockey at 13 and I’ve been swimming from the age of 3. I also do Judo and started running in 2014 to help improve my social and fine motor skills. My dad and I then decided to try triathlons. I’m currently doing a sports coaching degree and when I graduate I’d like to train other people who have learning difficulties. I would love to participate in triathlons and sport for the rest of my life because it gives me confidence and keeps me fit.”
Why Superhero Tri? “Because I want to show that people with autism can participate in sport and that we can do it well. I hope others with learning difficulties try sport because it will give them more confidence.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Doing the cycling with Homer Simpson (my Dad).”
Your Kryptonite: “Encountering new situations.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My triathlon watch.”

Sam's superpower: “Going running in the wind, snow or rain and never giving up.”

Superhero Ross

Earth years: “8”
Hometown: “Leatherhead, Surrey”
Your chosen mission: “The Full Superhero Tri with my Mum and Dad as my Sidekicks.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have a genetic mutation which causes epilepsy and a neurological disorder that will require me to need care for the rest of my life. My Sidekicks will need to get me around every bit of the course. I will be urging them along through the power of smiles!”
Ever done anything like this before? “Mum and Dad designed and ran my very own kids sprint triathlon in 2015 with 25 friends, so you could say I’m almost professional…”

Sporting super-stripes: “My list of sporting achievements is not huge (yet). But I love speed and the wind in my face always brings out my famous smile.”
Why Superhero Tri? “I’m fully dependent on others to help get me moving, but many (almost all!) organised events are not inclusive and don’t allow buggy-pushing, for example. That is why events like the Superhero Series are perfect for me.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “The crowds cheering my name in support.”
Your Kryptonite: “Dad’s addiction to chocolate… If he’s not in shape my Sidekick Mum may end up having to do the all the hard work on her own.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My Big Red Buggy, pulled behind the bike and pushed for the run.”

Ross’s superpower: “Saving the world, one smile at a time.”

Superhero Rashmi



Earth years: “52”
Hometown: “Telford, Shropshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri”
Your disability and how will it challenge you? “I had polio and wear a full-length caliper, which affects my mobility. It will be a challenge moving from one stage to another quickly and doing all three in one go!!”
Ever done anything like this before? “Nope.”

Sporting super-stripes: “When I was younger I swam for Bradford in the Polio Olympics and won gold medals at Stoke Mandeville. I still swim as much as possible and can do up to 32 lengths. In 2016 I joined a charity that encourages people with disabilities to go cycling. My last big ride was 152 miles Coast to Coast over 3 days. I won Woman of the Year award on Lancashire for inspiring people and raising over £2,000 for charity. I also play table tennis and visit the gym as much as my health will allow.”
Why Superhero Tri? “Because I’ve always wanted to be a Superhero....LOL. I never thought I’d be able to say that I am entering a triathlon...”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Being part of the Quest 88 team, the swimming and cycling.”
Your Kryptonite: “The running. I’ve never used a running bike before.”
Gadget/s of choice? “A handcycle and a running bike.”

Rashmi's superpower: ”Creating positive feelings by making people smile and a magic right leg that does the work of two!”