Meet our everyday Superheroes

This series is for all the unsung Superheroes who boldly face everything life throws at them and are looking to take on the ultimate challenge with their own unique superpowers and a super-charged dollop of positive energy. A huge thank you to our participants for sharing their story to show that this event is for everybody.


Earth Years: “50”
Hometown: “Oxted, Surrey”
Your chosen mission: “The Full Superhero Tri team event with my friends as guides, helpers and teammates (I am running with Roger, I’m still to decide on my cycling guide and Krista is doing the swim).
Your disability and how it challenges you: “I have macular dystrophy and nystagmus. I am registered blind.  With the right help and support I can get over all my challenges.”
Ever done anything like this before? “I did a supersprint tri in 2013.”

Sporting super-stripes? “I am training for four events this year, including the Superhero Tri.”
Why Superhero Tri? “I think it is going to be a really powerful and inspirational event with so many Paralympians and people with a variety of disabilities taking part (and I get to dress as Wonder Woman!).”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Dressing up as Wonder Woman and having great fun!”
Your Kryptonite: “Transition – I forgot to take off my bike helmet for the run in my last tri.”
Gadget of choice: “A tandem bike.”

Amanda’s superpower: “Training with my guides and helpers.  With them, anything is possible.”


Earth Years: “45”
Hometown: “London.”
Your Chosen Mission: “Full Superhero Tri, passing the swim onto someone else as I can’t face the water.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “Lower leg amputee after a boat accident four years ago in which I lost my husband and 8-year-old daughter.”
Ever done anything like this before? “I've done a few 10ks and a shorter distance triathlon. I found the transition from the bike to the run really hard - my legs (or leg and half) just stopped working!”

Sporting super-stripes? “I have tried to get back to doing most things I did before I lost my leg as it makes me feel like the old me and I don’t want to be defined by my disability. I ski, run, hike, play tennis, bike, do circuit training. Running on a blade was hard to learn and is sometimes painful, but I love the freedom it gives me, to just be able to get up and go for a run in the park.”
Why Superhero Tri? “I think having small achievable goals in life helps us overcome the impossible. I never thought I would get back to running after the accident but I have and it makes me feel as though I could do anything. As a personal trainer I understand the importance of exercise, both physically and mentally, and just because we have a disability shouldn’t stop us giving anything a go.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Finishing!”
Your Kryptonite: “The swim.”
Your gadget/s of choice? “My running blade.”

Your Superpower: “My kids supporting me and my black spaniel Ted, who loves coming running with me and pushes me on when I am exhausted.”


Earth years: “54”
Hometown: “Bruton, Somerset”
Your chosen mission: “To complete in the Half Superhero Tri (400m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k push/run) despite my missing part.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I had my left leg amputated in 2014 after years of pain. I struggled to become mobile and let it get me down. With lots of encouragement and support from ITV's Lorraine and inspired by the likes of Sophia and other Paralympians I was determined to get back on my 'foot' again.”
Ever done anything like this before? “I did a 5k run in 2016.”

Sporting super-stripes? “I was sporty when I was young then an accident put an end to that. I became a rather round couch potato over the subsequent years. My amputation and subsequent prosthesis has allowed me to try those things I never thought possible.”
Why Superhero Tri? “I met Sophia Warner last year and I was inspired by her enthusiasm and I wanted to step up my challenge this year.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Joining all the others, either participating, supporting or cheering everyone on.”
Your Kryptonite: “The bike ride should be a challenge as I only learnt to ride a bike again last year.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My son Ethan as I'm hoping he will carry my leg while I am swimming.”

Sean’s superpower: “My family.”


Earth years: “12”
Hometown: “St Brelade, Jersey”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri relay with my Dad.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have diplegia cerebral palsy and nystagmus, so staying in my own lane can be the biggest challenge, as well as getting on and off the bike.”
Ever done anything like this before? “Not a tri, but I did the 100m and 200m in the CP National Championships in Nottingham last year.”

Sporting super-stripes? “I love sport and will have a go at anything. I used to horse ride with the Jersey RDA and I have been doing karate for five years achieving brown belt status, which is one below black! I also enjoy wall climbing, hockey and netball at my school in Jersey.”
Why Superhero Tri? “It's just so exciting! I cannot wait.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Meeting all the other Superheroes and having a great adventure away from my beautiful little Island.”
Your Kryptonite: “My Dad, who is going to do the swim, and my sprinting.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My running shoes.”

Grace's Superpower: “I’m extremely determined. I’m The Determinator!”  


Earth years: “23”
Hometown: "Kingston Upon Thames"
Your chosen Mission: “To be known as the Autistic Triathlete and to motivate others to take up sport.”

Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I am autistic and have social interaction and communication challenges. Triathlon is great for people with autism because I can do it on my own.”
Ever done anything like this before? “Yes, I did my first Sprint Tri at Dorney Lakes in 2016.”


Sporting super-stripes? “Sport has always been a little challenging for me, but I learnt to ice-skate and play hockey at 13 and I’ve been swimming from the age of 3. I also do Judo and started running in 2014 to help improve my social and fine motor skills. My dad and I then decided to try triathlons. I’m currently doing a sports coaching degree and when I graduate I’d like to train other people who have learning difficulties. I would love to participate in triathlons and sport for the rest of my life because it gives me confidence and keeps me fit.”
Why Superhero Tri? “Because I want to show that people with autism can participate in sport and that we can do it well. I hope others with learning difficulties try sport because it will give them more confidence.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Doing the cycling with Homer Simpson (my Dad).”
Your Kryptonite: “Encountering new situations.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My triathlon watch.”

Sam's Superpower: “Going running in the wind, snow or rain and never giving up.”


Earth years “8”
Hometown: “Leatherhead, Surrey”
Your chosen mission: “The Full Superhero Tri with my Mum and Dad as my Sidekicks.”
Your disability and how it will challenge you: “I have a genetic mutation which causes epilepsy and a neurological disorder that will require me to need care for the rest of my life. My Sidekicks will need to get me around every bit of the course. I will be urging them along through the power of smiles!”
Ever done anything like this before? “Mum and Dad designed and ran my very own kids sprint triathlon in 2015 with 25 friends, so you could say I’m almost professional…”

Sporting super-stripes? “My list of sporting achievements is not huge (yet). But I love speed and the wind in my face always brings out my famous smile.”
Why Superhero Tri? “I’m fully dependent on others to help get me moving, but many (almost all!) organised events are not inclusive and don’t allow buggy-pushing, for example. That is why events like the Superhero Series are perfect for me.”
What you’re most looking forward to: “The crowds cheering my name in support.”
Your Kryptonite: “Dad’s addiction to chocolate… If he’s not in shape my Sidekick Mum may end up having to do the all the hard work on her own.”
Gadget/s of choice? “My Big Red Buggy, pulled behind the bike and pushed for the run.”

Ross’s Superpower: “Saving the world, one smile at a time.”




Earth years: “52”
Hometown: “Telford, Shropshire”
Your chosen mission: “The Sprint Superhero Tri”
Your disability and how will it challenge you? “I had polio and wear a full-length caliper, which affects my mobility. It will be a challenge moving from one stage to another quickly and doing all three in one go!!”
Ever done anything like this before? “Nope.”

Sporting super-stripes? “When I was younger I swam for Bradford in the Polio Olympics and won gold medals at Stoke Mandeville. I still swim as much as possible and can do up to 32 lengths. In 2016 I joined a charity that encourages people with disabilities to go cycling. My last big ride was 152 miles Coast to Coast over 3 days. I won Woman of the Year award on Lancashire for inspiring people and raising over £2,000 for charity. I also play table tennis and visit the gym as much as my health will allow.”
Why Superhero Tri? “Because I’ve always wanted to be a Superhero....LOL. I never thought I’d be able to say that I am entering a triathlon...”
What you’re most looking forward to: “Being part of the Quest 88 team, the swimming and cycling.”
Your Kryptonite: “The running. I’ve never used a running bike before.”
Gadget/s of choice? “A handcycle and a running bike.”

Rashmi's Superpower: ”Creating positive feelings by making people smile and a magic right leg that does the work of two!”