Our Super Start Times

Sunday 2 December 2018

Please keep an eye on these start times as they may change. Check out our super course here.


Mission HQ registration opens!


Superhero 'Speedy Wave' – for Superheroes looking to complete the 5km in under 15 minutes or    the 10km in under 35 minutes.
(Start line warm-up & briefing with Santa & Commando Active 11.15am.)


5km & 10km Round the Lake – will set off in 2 waves a few minutes apart, filtering onto 2 separate, parallel paths for safety & maximum fun! Path info below.
(Start line warm-up & briefing with Santa  & Commando Active: 12.15pm.)


Celebrity Wonderwheels 5km (Start line warm-up with Santa & Commando Active: 1.45pm.)


1km Lakeside Dash (Start line warm up with Santa & Commando Active: 2.45pm.)

Which path are you?

Path 1:
For Superheroes on foot/blade, using race runners or in chairs/gadgets at a run/walking pace. This path is if you want to roll with a crew at this pace.

Path 2:
For Superheroes in racing wheelchairs and all kinds of cycles.

If you have any questions about which wave is best for you, please shout! Sidekick marshalls will be on hand to guide the way at all times.