Cape and caboodle

At npower Winter Wonderwheels our ethos is anything goes. Below are some suggestions, but if there's something you want or need on the course that's not listed, call us on 01306 627 301. Masks, capes and pants over tights are positively encouraged.

Some essentials:

There are just a few essentials we ask that you follow to ensure you have a fantastic day out:

-        If you are using a bike, adapted cycle or other type of vehicle, please make sure it’s in a roadworthy condition, with brakes in good working order.

-        Cycle helmets must be worn by anyone who is self-propelling. (If there is a reason why you might not be able to wear a helmet, please contact the Superhero Tri team.)

-        Don't forget any tools or spares!    

Choose your weapon:

Wheelchair: day, racing or powered

Race runner/petra running bike

Walker/walking frame

Walking stick


Buggies/pushchairs: if you are pushing a participant around the course

Tether: used around wrist

Bicycle: with or without trailers and the like to push/pull Superheroes along.




Recumbent bike

Wheelchair bike




If you're looking for ideas, or want to hire an adapted cycle, check out our official bike partner Quest88