Wonderwheels Celebrity Challenge!

Thanks to the ongoing support of our AMAZING Celebrity Team Captains, a highlight of every Superhero event is our celebrity race. Meet our latest star-studded line-up below and their very deserving competition-winning teammates taking part in the next Titanic clash!

The Celebrity Challenge kicks off at 2pm on 2 December. Come down and make some noise!


Adam Hills (2).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Adam Hills
Winning teammate: Jonty Burger, 7

The comedian and Last Leg frontman has struck gold with his teammate! This supercharged Superhero has a grin that reaches from ear to ear and, just like his funnyman Team Captain, knows how to play for laughs! Jonty LOVES sport and the wind in his hair, and will be giving his fellow competitors a run for their money!


David Weir (1).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: David Weir
Winning teammate: Owen West, 14

The Eight-time London Marathon winner and six-time Paralympic champion has bagged himself a true Superhero teammate! Owen’s many superpowers include is his determination, drive and ability to bring joy to others, and he can’t wait to get his teeth into this challenge with the legendary ‘Weirwolf’ by his side.


Kadeena Cox (2).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Kadeena Cox
Winning teammate: Millie Ashworth, 13

We wanted to make sure we paired this bona fide sporting superstar with a very special teammate and we’ve found just the girl. Millie has beaten all the odds to become a member of her local TRI club and her superpower is that she gives it her all, in her own way and always with a smile!!


Natasha Baker (3).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Natasha Baker
Winning teammate: Toby Morris, 5

It’s the first time this Paralympic champion has taken part in a Superhero event and to make it extra memorable we’ve teamed the equestrian queen up with this fabulous five-year-old Superhero! Toby has the heart of a lion and his massive smile is guaranteed to be a highlight of Natasha’s day.


JJ (2).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: JJ Chalmers
Winning teammate: Michael McCarthy, 42

This silver-tongued TV star is a former Royal Marines Commando, so knows a thing or two about digging deep and pushing hard – and so does his intrepid teammate! Michael has climbed a mountain in Kenya, ridden his bike from London to Paris and completed the London Marathon. Definitely ones to watch!


Sophie Christiansen (2).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Sophie Christiansen
Winning teammate: Joey Spinelli, 5

This sporting legend will be swapping her horse for a recumbent trike on the day and will joining forces with a fantastically feisty five-year-old who believes there’s no such this as ‘can’t’. Joey enjoys football, horse riding, cycling, swimming and more, and will be to giving this challenge everything he’s got!


Jonnie Peacock (002).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Jonnie Peacock
Winning teammate: Miles Ewardes, 7

The sprinting giant and Strictly star teamed up with this winning teammate’s twin brother Owen for Superhero Tri and now it’s Miles’ turn to shine! Miles is a very determined, kind and generous soul whose many superpowers include his great loyalty to his brother and his ability to be a little bit magic!


Sean Gash (3).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Shaun Gash
Winning teammate: Dominic Chandler, 12

Shaun has wheeled from Land’s End to John O’Groats, climbed Kilimanjaro and conquered countless gruelling challenges in his trusty wheelchair, and his teammate has an adventurous spirit to match! Dominic’s superpower is endurance and an ability to get to the finish whatever gets in the way. What a team!


dave hensen (1).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Dave Henson
Winning teammate: Dylan Bleach, 15

The Paralympian and first-ever Invictus Games team captain is in for a treat! We’ve teamed Dave up with a truly inspirational teen who is a WellChild winner and ambassador, and on a mission to show others that you can do anything you put your mind to.


Jordan (1).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Jordan Jarrett-Bryan
Winning teammate: Yasmine Hodkinson, 10

The TV reporter and former wheelchair basketball star is one of the nicest guys on TV, so we thought it only fair to unite him with an equally fabulous teammate. He’ll be teaming up with young Yasmine, who is fast, enthusiastic and gives awesome hugs!


Liz (1).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Liz Johnson
Winning teammate: Jasper Thornton-Jones, 5

This aqua supremo is a true champion and she’ll be uniting with another true champion – Jasper! Thanks to lots of hard work, the five-year-old’s ‘super legs’ have bucked the odds and gotten stronger over the years and he’ll be tricycling on his own steam around the lake for the 1K in his first-ever sporting competition without physical help from Mum or Dad. Go Jasper!


Chris Jones (2).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Chris Jones
Winning teammate: Charlie Hall, 18

The World Champs surfing medallist and Help for Heroes ambassador has won already! For he’ll be teaming up with the fabulous Charlie, who’ll be travelling alongside her Team Captain in her new all-terrain buggy and motivating him with what we have on good authority is the best smile in the world!


Stephen Miller (1).jpg

Celebrity Team Captain: Stephen Miller
Winning teammate: Andi Wheeler, 49

Our Paralympic master thrower is uniting with one wonderful lady! Andi has been a regular at our previous events and has grown in courage and confidence with every challenge. She’s won a place for her incredible attitude and determination to achieve more and more with each passing year. Andi we salute you!