Winter Wonderwheels

3 December 2017
Dorney Lake, Windsor

Due to popular demand, we’ve added another awesome event to the annual Superhero sports calendar! The UK’s first festive disability sports event will see our ‘Everyday Superheroes’ cycle, walk, run, push, be pushed, or anything in between around Dorney’s spectacular lake.

The challenges will, of course, embody Superhero Series’ ‘everything goes’ ethos. there’ll be no cut-off times and all types of gadgets & gizmos will be welcome, from day chairs, handcycles and trikes to walking frames, race runners and blades.

Superheroes can fly solo or roll with a gang of up to four disabled and non-disabled friends and family, as long as at least one person in your crew considers themselves to have a disability.

We’ll be turning up the festive fun to the max at this family-friendly event. What’s more, it's taking place on International Disability Day so there'll be plenty to celebrate!

Our Wonderwheels challenges:

The Lakeside Dash (1km)
Once Round the Lake (5km)
Twice Round the Lake (10km)

The booking system will be up and running soon. if you think this is for you, then please hit the button below: