Swim: Celebrity Team Captain Susie Rodgers

Bike: Sarah, 48, from Darwen, in Lancashire

Push/run: Toby, 11, from Sapcote, Leicestershire





Bike: Sarah Thompson, 48

Your story: “An operation went wrong in 2012 and left me with a spinal injury, but I’ve broken through the darkness with sport. I love Western Riding and getting out on my wheelchair with by best buddy Teddy the Super Beagle. I’ve also set up local clubs and been a mentor for disabled newbies. A new love is water skiing. It takes me out of my comfort zone and gets the adrenalin pumping!”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “I’m absolutely ecstatic! It just goes to show that age is a limitation that’s only in the mind. I was recently dropped from representing the UK in Western Riding, which was a real blow, so this gives me something to look forward to. It’s all about teamwork and inclusion, which I feel very strongly about. I’m extremely happy to be a part of it.”
Most looking forward to: “The incredible buzz of being around like-minded people.”
Your Kryptonite: “I might have issues seeing David Weir on the horizon! (I thought I might attach a tow rope to him, which he probably wouldn’t even notice.)”
Your Superpower: “I used to have the Territorial Army record for press-ups (the full-on army type!) – 72 in 2 minutes. My nickname was Private Vasquez from the film Aliens, so watch out guys! 😊”

Push/run: Toby Sweeney-Croft, 11

Your story: Toby is a T6 paraplegic with a passion for sport and food. He loves wheelchair racing, hand-cycling, playing basketball and his dogs.
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: Amazing! He can't wait to be a Superhero.
Your gadget of choice: His racing wheelchair  
Most looking forward to: Everything!
Your Kryptonite: Stones… Any in the way are his weakness.
Your Superpower: Fastest Boy on Wheels!