Swim: David, 43, from Brentwood, Essex

Bike: Bethany, 22, from Ruislip, Middlesex

Push/Run: Celebrity Team Captain Stephen Miller



Swim: David Morphew, 43

Your story: “I often wear my pants on the outside and go round the kitchen with a tea towel tucked in as a cape. Being 43 I feel this is still acceptable! I have a spinal cord injury and am a wheelchair user, and often work for Aspire Leisure Centre, part of Aspire Charity for Spinal Cord Injury, as a fitness duty manager. I’m also a qualified Level 4 specialist personal trainer. I am currently training to swim across the Solent from the Mainland to the Isle of Wight this September. Hopefully I will be swimming in a relay team across the Channel next year.”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “I am really looking forward to being part of a fantastic event – plus, of course, our team winning.”
The team you’d most like to beat: “I am not biased as to which team we beat, as long as it is all of them.”
Gadgets of choice: “My wetsuit and goggles to keep the cold out and see where I am going.”
Most looking forward to: “Meeting everyone, raising awareness, participating in such a great atmosphere and, most importantly, being able to wear my pants outside my clothes in public in the company of like-minded people.”
Your Kryptonite: “Other than fruit or veg, I’m not a lover of very cold water!”
Your Superpower: “Swimming – I’ve always liked being in the water. I have been known to fly, but that was when I got my front caster trapped on my wheelchair.”

Bike: Bethany Evans, 22

Your story: “I’m always up for an adventure and when I received my wheelchair two years ago, I started looking for challenges to take on. I have now taken part in 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and an accidental marathon, which came about when my half marathon was cancelled 10 hours before the start due to severe weather conditions. This left me with 24 hours to decide whether to try for my first-ever marathon. I went for it and managed to come third in the women's wheelchair competition! I’ve completed all of this without any coaching or professional training, just my sheer will and determination.”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “Fantastic! I struggle with the swimming element of a triathlon and couldn’t find a friend or family member to team up with, so I thought I’d give this a go.”
Gadget of choice: “My racing wheelchair.”
Most looking forward to: “Meeting others taking part in sport and hopefully swapping a few tips and tricks.”
Your Kryptonite: “The fact that a 3K is more of a sprint compared to the half marathons I’m used to.”
Your Superpower: “My persistence.”