Team SophieC.jpg


Swim: Richard, 41, from Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

Bike: Celebrity Team Captain Sophie Christiansen

Push/Run: Elan, 7, from Corwen, Denbighshire




Swim: Richard Annable, 41

Your story: “I am doing this in honour of our son Harry @verybraveboy, who passed away in November. He was our Superhero even at the age of 3. He was disabled with a rare heart condition, along with a rare brain condition (Polymicrogyria) and white matter damage. He loved watching the bright colours of the cycling in the Tour de France so would have loved watching everyone do this.”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “I’m really honoured and so proud to be doing something with so many inspiring people.”
Which team would you most like to beat: Whoever I’m up against. I’m not very competitive (MUCH!)
Most looking forward to: “Meeting the aforementioned inspiring people and Team Captains, and doing my son’s name proud.”
Your Kryptonite: “Getting in and out of a wetsuit. (I’ve never done this and I’m sure someone who is 6'5 in a wetsuit will be a bit of a sight.)
Your Superpower: “The force behind me – Harry!!!”


Push/run: Elan Williams, 7

Your story: “Winning this is a dream come true. My hero of all time is Sophie Christiansen!! My two favourite sports are horse riding and triathlon, and I do both of them every week. I’m overwhelmed to be on Sophie’s team and extremely excited to have the chance to meet her and weigh her up as my future dressage competitor!” 😉
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “I didn't think it would happen to me. I am so lucky! I am going to learn loads and can get selfies with heroes easily now.”
Which team would you most like to beat: “All of them. Especially the boys.”
Raising funds for: “I am hoping to raise lots of money for my local RDA centre, Clwyd Special Riding Centre, and my triathlon club Ruthin Tristars.”
Your gadget of choice: “I will be using my pimped-up walker and my brother Caio pushing my super sprinter.”
Most looking forward to: “Meeting Sophie Christiansen. I think I may faint!”
Your Kryptonite: “Having to shout at my Sidekick brother, to make him go faster.”
Your Superpower: “I never give up and always try my best.”