Swim: Liam D, 13, from Bognor, East Sussex

Bike: Liam O, 20, from Cantley, South Yorkshire

Push/Run: Celebrity Team Captain Jordan Jarrett-Bryan



Swim: Liam Daniel, 13

Your story: “Liam is a young man with mild learning disabilities & he sometimes finds it hard to manage his behaviour. He has always loved sport. Over the past year, this has been the way that he has become more settled and he has really grown in confidence. Sport has shown him that he can succeed and winning a place in a team has just topped it all off perfectly!”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “I feel amazing & I am glad that I tried so hard”
Most looking forward to: “Going somewhere that I haven’t been to before!”
Your gadget of choice: “Flippers!”
Your Kryptonite: “Swimming in open water!”
Your Superpower: “My strength!”

Push/run: Liam Oliver, 20

Your story:” I have mild Cerebral Palsy which mainly affects my left side. I have tried to get through Talent ID days for some Paralympic sports but haven’t yet been successful. Although I was disappointed, this has just spurred me on even more to succeed. The distances of Superhero Tri are perfect for me. I love a challenge & I want to show other people that limitations only exist if you let them.
Which team would you most like to beat: “All of them!”
Most looking forward to: The chance to be active, have fun, raise awareness of charities and exchange stories and laughs with other people like us!”
Your Kryptonite: Getting my legs used to the rhythm when I get onto a bike!
Your Superpower: “Positivity!”