Team Frank.jpg



Swim: Ann Kilby, 51 from St Neots

Bike: Frank

Push/Run: Samantha Milne, 31 from Leicester



Swim: Ann Kilby

Your story: I am 51yrs old, crazy welsh woman, I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees and in my ankles, I am deaf in my left ear and live with anxiety and depression. I am a very determined person and living this long proves that!!!! I have been a watch leader on The Lord Nelson tall ship, supporting a team of 10 sailors of mixed physical abilities. I need to be a part of the super hero tri just to prove I am a survivor of depression and nothing will stop me helping others survive too.

Gadget of choice: nothing needed

Your Superpower: determination and support, plus I am a pretty good swimmer

Push/run: Samantha Milne

Your story: I have cerebral palsy but have always had a go at anything I had the chance to. I work, volunteer at my local library, drive a car, love keeping active attending the gym, playing wheelchair Basketball.

Your gadget of choice: Wheelchair with power assist

Your Superpower: Giving everything my all & never giving up