Swim: Sarah, 32, from Coventry, West Midlands

Bike: Celebrity Team Captain Anne Dickins

Push/Run: Luke, Oak Grove College






Swim: Sarah Kinghorn, 32

Your story: “Back in 2012 I was having trouble walking and standing and had a visible tumour in my neck. It was not until I had a pet scan that it was discovered I had a tumour in the spine. In January 2013 I had 18 hours of surgery to remove both tumours and had to learn to walk again. I was subsequently diagnosed with agoraphobia, anxiety and depression and have been fighting hard against these daily. Unfortunately the pain and weakness in my left side has meant I need to use a wheelchair to get around. I have since set up my own charity that makes and sends blankets to those diagnosed with cancer across the UK. I have also applied to start training as an Occupational Therapist due to the encounters I had with OTs during my treatment and recovery.”
What it feels like to win a Celebrity Team place: “I’m very excited to compete with a Celebrity Team Captain and to try to beat the rest!”
Gadget of choice: “My good arm. Otherwise I'll sink and that's problematic.”
Most looking forward to: “Taking part in something I've not done competitively since pre cancer.”
Your Kryptonite: “The cold water!”
Your Superpower: “Determination.”

Push/run: Luke