Our Super Start Times announced!

We’ll inform you of any timing tweaks as we near the big day, but the race order will be as follows:

07:15 hrs             Registration at HQ is open for business (pls register 1hr before your start time)

09:00 hrs            Full Superhero Tri Solo

09:15 hrs             Full Superhero Tri Teams

09:45 hrs            Full Sidekick Tri  

10:30 hrs            Half Superhero Tri Solo

10:45 hrs            Half Superhero Tri Teams

11:15 hrs              Half Sidekick Tri

13:00 hrs             Celebrity Superhero Tri

14:00 hrs             Sprint Sidekick Tri

14:30 hrs             Sprint Superhero Tri Solo

15:00 hrs             Sprint Superhero Tri Teams (waves will set off every 15 mins)


Food footnote: there will be delicious food and drink available to buy throughout the day from our Super Partner Daisy Green. Think bionic breakfasts, superpower punches, electrifying lunches and awesome snacks.