Superhero Tri Rules & Regs

We ask that all our brave Superheroes and participating Sidekicks closely observe the following codes of conduct to ensure you have the safest and most stupendous time possible. Thank you.

·        Pre-challenge safety briefings are a must for all those taking part to ensure you’re primed and ready for action. (Please arrive at least an hour before your challenge start time.)

·        There are no cut-off times. Take as long as you need and enjoy the ride.

·        Anyone entering the water for the swim stage – Superhero or Sidekick – must zip up in a wetsuit and wear the colour-coded swim cap provided at registration. Superheroes being towed in the water for the entire stage don’t need to wear a wetsuit but they will need to wear a life jacket. (Life jackets will be supplied on the day. You will need to organise your own wetsuits.)

·        All bike and wheelchair riders (unless wheelchair riders are being pushed) must don helmets on the course as part of their Superhero ensemble. (If this poses a sensory problem for anyone, do get in touch.)

·        It’s our ethos to try to allow any equipment you may need to complete a challenge. Here are some, but by no means all, of the gizmos and gadgets positively encouraged on the course. If you have a query regarding equipment, do get in touch.

-        Swim stage: flippers; tow floats; additional buoyancy aids; tethers. Only those taking part in the Sidekick Tris can use the following: dinghies/canoes/adapted body board.

-        Bike stage: stabiliser wheels on bikes; trikes; tandems; recumbent-style tricycles; handcycles; specially adapted cycles; wheelchairs. (Don’t forget your helmet for this stage)

-        Push/run stage: walking frames; walking sticks; scooters; day/powered/racing wheelchairs (don’t forget your helmet); guide dogs; push buggies; handcyles; race-runners; prosthetics.

We ask that all wheelchairs and cycles be in good working order and not pose a safety hazard/risk to other Superheroes. And don’t forget your spares!

·        Superheroes are welcome to bring assistance (a ‘Sidekick’) to help them complete one or more stages of the event. These Sidekicks may accompany, guide or propel (push or pull) participants around the course. All we ask is that the Superhero be the first person to cross the final push/rush finish line and that all participating Sidekicks be registered via the booking system at a cost of £5 each (this will entitle them to a medal).

·        We trust that all our Superheroes and Sidekicks will show their fellow participants the respect they deserve and allow everyone to enjoy their mission unobstructed. Motivational cheers and general camaraderie very much encouraged.

·        The Organiser prohibits the Participant’s use of any equipment that acts as an impediment to hearing or concentration when competing in the Event. This includes, but is not limited to, mobile telephones, personal stereos and MP3 players. The Organiser cannot be responsible for accidents resulting from racing with such equipment. If this poses a concern to anyone, please do get in touch.