Superhero Tri Rules:   

Any Superhero worth their salt wears protective headgear. That’s why helmets are a must for our super-cyclists and wheelchair riders, unless you are being pushed by a Sidekick (if this poses a sensory problem for somebody please do get in touch with the Organiser).

Before the fun begins, all Superheroes must gather for a pep-talk and safety briefing to make sure you’re fully prepared for the mission ahead.

Every single Aquaman and woman taking on the swim stage must zip up. In a wetsuit that is.

Everyone has their own super-speed. That’s why we have no cut off times. Run/skip/walk/push your own race.

A key Superhero code we live by is smashing through needless equipment restrictions. Here are just some of the kit we welcome on the course: (i) Flippers, tow floats, additional buoyancy aids; (ii) Stabilizer wheels on the bicycle; (iii) Recumbent style tricycles; (iv) Hand cycles v) Specially adapted cycles may be all be used (all cycles must be in good order and not pose a safety hazard/risk to other participants). If you have any equipment questions at all, please do get in touch.

Superheroes (participants) are welcome to bring a Sidekick (buddy) to assist them in completing one or more stages of the challenges. Sidekicks may push, pull or simply accompany Superheroes around the course. There are just two simple Sidekick rules to keep in mind: to let your Superhero cross the finish line first; to register your personal details along with your Superhero’s via the booking system.

We ask that all our Superheroes and Sidekicks to show fellow participants the consideration and respect they deserve and allow them to take part without being obstructed

The safety of our Superheroes is paramount and we ask that no equipment that acts as an impediment to hearing or concentration is used when competing in the Event. This includes, but is not limited to, mobile telephones, personal stereos and MP3 players. The Organiser cannot be responsible for accidents resulting from racing with such equipment and the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify Participant’s for failing to comply with any rules and/or the direction of the Organiser. (If you have any specific requests relating to this point, please contact the Organiser.)

Age Restrictions

The minimum earth-year ages of entry are as below, unless otherwise stated on the Organiser’s Website:

15 (fifteen) by 31 December 2017 for the Event which, on the Organiser’s Website, are stated as “15 plus”;
9 (nine) by 31 December 2017 for the Event which, on the Organiser’s Website, are stated as “9 plus”;
3 (three) by 31 December 2017 for the Event which, on the Organisers Website, are state as ‘3 plus’’
notwithstanding any of the above no Participant under the age of 9 (nine) by 31 December 2017 is allowed to participate in the swim stage of the Event. 

The minimum age of entry is different if a participant is only taking part in one discipline as part of a relay team; see table below: