We’ve tried our very best to answer any questions you might have, but if you’re still unsure of anything, please give us a call on 01306 627 301 or email hello@superheroseries.co.uk.

Firstly, a quick rundown of our Superhero Series terminology:

Superhero: Put simply, a ‘Superhero’ is everyone who signs up to take part one of our challenges. We salute you.

Sidekick: A ‘Sidekick’ can take many forms, but in its most general sense it refers to anyone who is on hand to assist our Superheroes and give them the best day possible. There are three main types of Sidekick: 1. our fantastic and indispensable legion of volunteers (please do join them!); 2. Those stepping up to our world-first Sidekick Tri events and powering a friend or loved one around the entire course; 3. Anyone game to buddy a Superhero looking for assistance to guide, push or simply accompany them for one or more stages of a challenge.

Disability: When we talk about people with disabilities, we mean anyone who considers themselves to have a physical, sensory, intellectual, invisible or behavioural disability, or anyone with a long-term illness or injury. No classifications are needed, except if you are entering the elite race.

Q. Who can enter Superhero Tri?

A. That depends on the race. Participants entering our solo events must consider themselves to have a disability. Anyone can enter our team events, as long as least one member of the team considers themselves to have a disability. Please see the below for our minimum ages.

Q. Do I need a classification?

A. You only need a classification if you are entering our elite race. You do not need a classification for any of our other events.

Q. What minimum age do you have to be to enter the events?

Solo events:
- Sprint Superhero Tri: 9+
- Half Superhero Tri: 13+
- Full Superhero Tri: 15+

Sidekick Tri events:
- Sprint Sidekick Tri: 5+ if being pushed/pulled; 15+ if pushing/pulling
- Half Sidekick Tri: 5+ if being pushed/pulled; 15+ if pushing/pulling
- Full Sidekick Tri: 5+ if being pushed/pulled; 15+ if pushing/pulling

Team events:
- Sprint Superhero Tri: swim 9+; bike 9+; push/run 5+
- Half Superhero Tri: swim 13+; bike 13+; push/run 9+
- Full Superhero Tri: swim 13+; bike 13+; push/run 9+

If a Superhero is being pushed in the bike or push/run stages the minimum age is 3.

Q. What is a triathlon?

A. It’s a three-stage race consisting of a swim, usually in open water, a bike stage, and a final push/run stage. Here at Superhero Tri you can choose if you want to do a whole triathlon or team up and do one stage each as a relay.

Q. What are the challenge distances?

- Sprint Superhero/Sidekick Tri: swim 150m; bike 3k; push/run 1k
- Half Superhero/Sidekick Tri: swim 400m; bike 10k; push/run 2.5k
- Full Superhero/Sidekick Tri: swim 750m; bike 20k; push/run 5k

Q. Who is Superhero Series aimed at?

A. Everyone, from seasoned athletes to complete beginners. Our events are designed for every fitness level and ability so if you have never done anything like this before, don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

Q. Is this a competitive event?

A. That is entirely up to you, but our main hope is that everyone has lots of fun. All Superheroes and Sidekicks will be given a chip timing device at registration on the day to record how long it takes them to complete their challenge. This will be added to our results page after the event so you have a goal to beat next year!

Q. How much does it cost to enter?

A. We are offering a special launch price of £15 per person for all our challenges, which ends 31 January 2017 – don’t miss out!

Q. What is a transition?

A. The transition is a dedicated area to store all the equipment you’ll need for the different stages of the race and where you’ll come to change out of your swimming stuff and get ready for the bike stage and finally the push/run stage. If you are doing a team event, the transition area will be the place that you will hand on to your relay partner/s.

Full details on transitions will be provided in your information pack and the pre-race email.

Q. Will there be a swim safety team?

A. Yes. We will have a dedicated swim safety team in boats on the water and by the exit/entry point to ensure all Superheroes and Sidekicks enter and exit the water safely.

Q. Can I bring a Sidekick (buddy) to assist me around the course or in the transition areas?

A. Yes, you are welcome to bring a Sidekick to guide, push or accompany you for one or more stages free of charge. You can also bring a Sidekick to help you in the transition areas to help you to get out of your wetsuit, for example, or assist you on to your chosen vehicle for the bike or push/run stages.

Q. Can you help me find teammates?

A. If you’d like to enter a team and are looking for teammates to join you, we’ll do our best to match you up with compatible relay partners. Please note that once we’ve put you in contact with potential team members it’s up to you to liaise with each other and decide on how you will pay as a team and who will be responsible for registration. Head to our Find Teammates page and drop us a line.

Q. What equipment do I need?

A. We will do our very best to allow you to bring any equipment and kit you might need to help you complete your challenge. However, there are a few things that are essential for the swim, cycle and push/run stages:

Swim section: Wetsuits are compulsory for anyone who is entering the water. You will also need to wear a colour-coded swim hat, which will be provided at registration, to signal to all swim safety marshals the assistance you need, if any, to exit and enter the water.

Bike section: Your chosen vehicle will need to be in a roadworthy condition, with brakes in good working order. Cycle helmets must be on your head and done up before you exit the transition area.

Push/run section: Anyone doing the push/run section in a racing wheelchair must wear a cycle helmet.

Check out our equipment page for more details on what is allowed on the course.

Q. I do not have a wetsuit. Can I hire one?

A. Yes, there are a number of wetsuit suppliers online who offer a hire service.

Q. I do not have a vehicle for the bike section. Can I hire one?

A. Our fantastic bike partner Quest 88 has all kinds of fun, adapted cycles available to hire. Visit www.quest88.com to find out more.

Q. What is the course like?

A. Swim stage: This will take place in the calm, clean waters of Dorney Lake. There will be buoys clearly marking the course and plenty of helpers on land and in rescue boats to ensure you enter and exit the water safely and carry/assist you to the transition area if needed.

Bike stage: The courses follow largely flat routes on private, traffic-free tarmacked pathways/roads. Cyclists will complete various laps of the cycle course before returning to the transition area.

Push/run stage: Again all courses will be on flat, tarmacked pathways that are closed to traffic.

Q. Can I visit Dorney Lake to have a look around before race day?

A. Yes. The 450 acres of privately owned parkland is open to everyone almost all the year round. Please note, although parking will be free of charge on our event day, visitor parking fees normally apply.

Q. Are spectators welcome?

A. Absolutely. Come along and cheer our Superheroes over the line!

Q. Do I have to pay for parking?

A. No, parking will be free for everyone on the day.

Q. What age do I need to be to join the volunteer team?

A. We ask that all our Sidekicks be at least 16 years or over as of 31 December 2017 unless they are accompanied by an adult.