Titans of sport and screen will be joining forces with some thoroughly deserving competition winners to take on a great highlight of the day – the Celebrity Superhero Tri! Plus, this year we're teaming up with Endeavour Fund to give winners the rare chance to unite with some truly heroic injured servicemen and women who’ve gone on to achieve some awesome sporting feats.

Meet our Celebrity Team Captains and their bold Superhero teammates!

#Team Adam Hills

Team Adam Hills.jpg

Swim: Harri Popat, aged 9, from Hackney.
Harri trained like a super-trooper for months to take part in last year’s Superhero Tri and we’ve no doubt he’ll show the same dedication this time round. Watch out fellow competitors he’ll be primed and ready!
Harri’s superpower: “His inner glow, which can light up the room.”

Cycle: Carmela Chillery-Watson, aged 4, from Market Lavington, Wiltshire.
With ballet, horse-riding and martial arts already under her belt, Carmela’s adding triathlon to her long list at the tender age of 4! She’ll be tackling the course on her Theraplay Trike with help from her Sidekick, Mum.
Carmela’s superpower: “Being happy and determined!”

Push/run: Celebrity Team Captain Adam Hills.
How fitting that the comedian and Last Leg frontman is doing the last leg. Wherever this intrepid trio come in the race, we’re sure our favourite funny man will make his teammates feel like winners anyway.
Adam’s superpower: “To reverse park in small spaces.”

#Team Alex Fogg

Alex Fogg.jpg

Swim: Military Team Captain Alex Fogg.
A former sapper in the Royal Engineers, Alex now works in the Formula E series, so knows a thing or two about speed! He’s also been involved in a number of different Endeavour projects, from ThunderCat powerboat racing to Climb2Recovery challenges, and will be sharing his wealth of experience with his lucky teammates.
Alex’s superpower: “I have nine lives”

Cycle: Oscar Brooke, aged 8, from Windsor.
Oscar loves taking care of his little brother Reuben (aged 3) and giving his all to outdoor activities. With a character as big as his energy levels, Alex couldn’t hand on to a more worthy teammate.
Oscar’s superpower: “His infectious smile and café au lait spots, which he calls his leopard spots.”

Push/run: Callum Warren, aged 21, from Ballykelly, Londonderry.
Watch out Adam Hills and David Wier, Callum (AKA Roadrunner) is known for his speed among his friends and he has you in his sights!
Cullum’s superpower: “My scoliosis and the humour that comes with it.”

#Team Billy Monger

Team Billy Monger.jpg

Swim: Ian Jones, aged 56, from Rochdale.
Ian’s main goal in taking part is to inspire at least one person to go out and do more than they thought they could. That’s a goal we can get behind. Go Ian!

Cycle: Caleb & Callistus, aged 7, from Enniskillen.
Super brothers Callistus and Caleb will be flying round the course in their Quest chariots, ably supported by Sidekicks 'Dan the man' and Mum Jayne. Kapow!!
Callistus & Caleb’s superpower: “Caleb has a twinkle in his eye that seems to make all the girls swoon. Callistus loves the craic!”

Push/run: Celebrity Team Captain Billy Monger.
Known as Billy The Whizz, this teen motor racer is one speed demon and was back behind the wheel just months after losing both his legs in a high-speed crash. He’ll be putting the same grit and determination into this final stage home, so watch out teams!
Billy’s superpower: “Speed!”

#Team Chris Jones

Chris Jones 1.jpg

Swim: Military Team Captain Chris Jones.            
The former soldier and die-hard adrenalin junkie is a multi-talented surfer, mountain biker, skier and kyaker! He’ll be getting his team off to a ripping start.
Chris’s superpower: “My ability to eat like my legs are hollowed out – a skill I acquired whilst serving in the British Army, then perfected as I surfed my way to the World Championships!”

Cycle: Rivkah, aged 14, from East Sussex.
Rivkah tried cycling for the first time to take part in npower Winter Wonderwheels and enjoyed it so much she’s back for more!
Rivkah’s superpower: “Her smile”

Push/run: Seren Owen, aged 17, from Swansea.
Seren has bucketloads of determination and a beaming smile. She lives by the motto, “She wanted to so she did” and we can’t wait to cheer her on as she adds triathlon to her list.
Seren’s superpower: “Teaching people that brain damaged doesn’t mean stupid and that disabled doesn’t mean helpless or hopeless.”

#Team David Weir

Team David Weir a.jpg

Swim: Luisa Pearce, aged 49, from Staplehurst Kent.
In 2016 this plucky Superhero crossed the Sahara on crutches with the use of one leg and one hand to raise funds for her charity and can’t wait to sink her teeth into this new challenge.
Luisa’s superpower: “Helping others achieve independence.”

Cycle: Vicki Jones, aged 38, from Birmingham.
Vicki the MS Warrior and the Weirwolf unite! Vicki uses the power of positivity to get through life and will be putting everything she’s got into the cycle stage. A team to watch!

Push/run: Celebrity Team Captain David Weir.
The Seven-time London Marathon winner and six-time Paralympic champion was last year’s celebrity victor! Will his gutsy teammates and mythical ‘Weirwolf’ magic prove the winning combination once more?
David's superpower: "My Weirwolf strength!”

#Team David Wiseman

Team David Wiseman b.jpg

Swim: Military Team Captain David Wiseman.
The former Yorkshire Regiment iinfantryman, who was wounded in Afghanistan, was one of the architects of the Invictus Games and went on to win 14 medals across three Invictus Games in the pool.  This 6’7” swimming machine will be hard to beat!
David’s superpower: “No one in the world is bullet proof, but I am technically bullet resistant.  Therefore, my Superhero name is “Easy Target: Man of (cheap) Steel.”

Bike: Tom McIntyre, aged 7, from Bourton, Shropshire.
As we write this, Tom is only just starting to learn to ride a bike, but he’s committed to practicing every single day until the whistle blows! We salute your Superhero spirit!

Push/run: Emerson Grant, aged 3, from Weybridge, Surrey.
This little man has been on a real rollercoaster ride in his three short years but he’s never stopped smiling. He’ll be speeding round the course, just like his namesake the famous Formula 1 driver, along with his trusty Sidekick sister, Saffron.
Emerson’s superpower: “His cheeky character.”

#Team Erin Orford

Erin Orford.jpg

Swim: Celebrity Team Captain Erin Orford.
This gifted grade 3 para dressage rider has competed nationally and internationally for over a decade. She’ll be diving into the water to show her teammates she’s no one-trick pony!
Erin’s superpower: “My super-loud cheerleading abilities.”

Cycle: Natalie Parr, aged 43, from Coventry.          
Natalie is paralysed from the chest down but this doesn’t stop her seeking out adventure. A lover of sport, she’ll be pedalled by her friend for the cycle section shouting encouragement all the way!
Natalie’s superpower: “My love for life!”

Push/run: Jack Brown, aged 5, from Newhaven.
This five-year-old Superboy gives racing cars a run for their money on his scooter and will be scooting hard to raise money for CP Sport.
Jack’s superpower: “A pro scooter on his Kaye Walker ;-)”

#Team Fiona Cranswick

Fiona Cranswick.jpg

Swim: Military Team Captain Fiona Cranswick.
Nicknamed Femo (after Nemo the fish) for her medal-winning performances at the Orlando Invictus Games, injured servicewoman Fiona can’t wait to dive into The Celebrity Superhero Tri, which will be her first sporting event since having a baby girl in February 2018.
Fiona’s superpower: “The ability to find the positive and smile in any situation – you could call me the eternal optimist.”

Cycle: Ben O’Brien, aged 23, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.
Ben has been training with the Special Olympics for 13 years and his team even won a gold medal at the Los Angeles World Games in 2015! He’ll be calling on all his experience to put Team Cranswick in with a fighting chance.

Push/run: Jess Barnes, aged 39, from Shoreham, West Sussex.
Jess lives by the motto, “there’s no such word as ‘can’t’ just ‘how’” and with her amazing assistance dog by her side she lets nothing stand in her way.
Jess’s superpower: “My assistance dog, who lets me live independently.”

#Team Frank Gardner

Team Frank.jpg

Swim: Chloe Ball-Hopkins, aged 22, from Kingswood, Gloucestershire.
An ambassador for Motivation, this galvanising superwoman will be raising funds towards providing as many life-changing wheelchairs as possible to people in poverty around the globe.
Chloe’s superpower: “The ability to entice people to help change the world!”

Cycle: James Mackey, aged 38, from Bracknell.
A sepsis survivor, James is entering this triathlon to raise awareness, show his determination and make his family proud.
James’s superpower: “To raise awareness of sepsis and save lives.”

Push/run: Celebrity Team Captain Frank Gardner.
An intrepid traveller and keen skier, the award-winning BBC journalist isn’t one to shrink from a challenge. He’s found just the kindred spirits to join him on his latest adventure!
Frank’s superpower: “An inbuilt over-the-horizon radar that tells you when a parking warden is approaching, given that I can never actually park in a disabled parking spot!”

#Team Freya Levy

EDSH Freya Levy.jpg

Swim: Lottie King, aged 14, from East Sussex.
Lottie was nominated by her school Oak Grove for being an all-round superstar and will be jumping into the swim stage with her usual gusto!

Cycle: Jamie King, aged 12, from Sittingbourne, Kent.
Speed-lover Jamie has been zip-wiring, canoeing, abseiling and karting and can’t wait to add the thrill of triathlon to the list!
Jamie’s superpower: “A massive grin.”

Push/run: Celebrity Team Captain Freya Levy.
The multi-talented wheelchair basketball, rugby and para ice hockey star is taking on the home straight and we’ll bet she’ll smash this last leg too!
Freya’s superpower: “With a little help from Muscular Dystophy, the ability to win every game of musical chairs ever!”

#Team Jaco Van Gass

Jaco Van Gass.jpg

Swim: Hannah Tomsett, aged 28, from Wokingham.
Always laughing and joking, Hannah will be injecting a huge amount of positivity and fun into her camp. Keep a close eye on her as she means to start the race with a bang to entertain the crowds!
Hannah’s superpower: “The ability to laugh at any situation thrown my way!”

Cycle: Gary Stephenson, aged 54, from Cambridge.
This all-round action man is a sub-aqua diving instructor, RYA Yachtmaster and keen handcyclist, so a very handy addition to the team!

Push/run: Military Team Captain Jaco Van Gass.
This first-class downhill skier, GB para-cyclist and multiple marathon runner, was also a member of the record-breaking team of wounded soldiers to trek unsupported to the North Pole! He’ll be taking the team home in style.
Jaco’s superpower: “A big smile and 'can do’ attitude.”


#Team JJ Chalmers

Team JJ Chalmers.jpg

Swim: Helen Griddington, aged 32, from Reading, Berkshire.
Super swimming Helen is retiring from the Royal Air Force this year and working like a Trojan towards a place in the GB swim team for the Sydney Invictus Games this October. Good luck Helen!

Cycle: Military Team Captain JJ Chalmers.
The former Royal Marines Commando and TV Presenter will be back on his handcycle once more, deomonstrating the super skills that won him a cycling medal at the Invictus Games.
JJ's superpower: “I’m a master of disguise, just like Superman. All I have to do is put on a pair of glasses and you can’t tell I’m a Superhero... After all, have you ever seen me and Clark Kent in the same room?!”

Push/rush: Will Horton, aged 9, and sister Olivia, 10, from Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
Will has the inner strength of 100 men and there is nothing he won’t try. He’ll be bringing the team home with his trusty Sidekick, older sister Olivia, and a huge grin on his face.
Will’s superpower: “The biggest smile and inner strength.”

#Team Jordan Jarrett-Bryan

Team Jordan Jarrett-Bryan.jpg

Swim: Sally Valentine, aged 40, from Peterborough.
Sally used to run and compete as often as she could until MS got in the way, but she doesn’t let it stop her keeping active. She relishes the chance Superhero Series gives her to compete once more and can’t wait to get stuck in!

Cycle: Abbie Brakewell, aged 15, from Long Eaton.
Abbie was selected to represent Great Britain at the Wheelchair Tennis World Team Cup this year, which was a dream come true. She’s also a This Girl Can ambassador and uses her superpower of positivity to encourage as many people as she can to get active.
Abbie’s superpower: “To always find a positive in whatever situation and to keep smiling.”

Push/run: Celebrity Team Captain Jordan Jarrett-Bryan.
This Channel 4 sports reporter is also a former wheelchair basketball star so knows a thing or two about winning! His teammates are in for some guaranteed fun.
Jordan’s superpower: “The ability to teleport and be in multiple places in a blink.” 😉

#Team Laura Turner

Laura Turner.jpg

Swim: Tracey Proudlock, aged 53, from London.
Tracey has spent more than 25 years on the sidelines supporting her children in sports competitions. Now it’s her turn to take centre stage!
Tracey’s superpower: “This is my first organised event, so being a First Timer 50+ mum in a wheelchair.”

Cyclist: Celebrity Team Captain Laura Turner.
Laura counts being a former GB goalball player, a professional dressage rider, blind-footballer and British national track cyclist among her many sporting achievements. Now she’s focussing on triathlon and can’t wait share her expertise with her Superhero teammates!
Laura’s superpower: “Encouraging sport for all and challenging those who create barriers.”

Push/run: Andy Craddock, aged 50, from Birmingham.
Andy’s achieved many great sporting feats over the years and has set up a wheelchair basketball club to break down barriers and encourage budding Superheroes to give sport a go.
Andy’s superpower: “Rocket power. I use it to boost everyone's positivity and help them reach for the stars.”

#Team Menna & Jen

Team Menna and Jen a.jpg

Swim: Suzie Forbes, aged 24, from Woking.
Keen swimmer Suzie has never built up the courage to take on outdoor swim before, so we commend her for her bravery and will be cheering all the way!
Suzie’s superpower: “Determination.”

Cycle: Celebrity Team Captains Menna and Jen.
The ‘Golden Girls’ of the 2018 Winter Paralympics know a thing or two about working closely and will be showcasing their teamwork by riding on a tandem together at the event for the very first time!

Push/run: Elan Williams, aged 9, from Denbighshire.
Sports mad Elan will be adding her usual effervescence to the proceedings and will no doubt be putting a smile on the faces of her teammates and everyone around her throughout the day.


#Team Neil Heritage

Neil Heritage.jpg

Swim: Graham Street, aged 54, from Portsmouth.
Graham, AKA Sid Strong, uses his great strength to carry him from chemo to chemo, play with his grandkids and take on the world!
Graham’s superpower: “Strength. I go by the name of Sid Strong.”

Cycle: Military Team Captain Neil Heritage.
A real-life military Superhero, Neil is currently training to be the first double above-the-knee amputee to scale the Matterhorn. He’ll be channelling all his prodigious superpowers into this next great challenge.
Neil’s superpower: “The ability to lead a normal life despite being constantly legless.”

Push/run: Jamie McCormack, aged 46, from Epsom, Surrey.
This personal trainer and massage therapist has earned the mighty moniker of ‘Iceman’ for staying calm and working hard under pressure. A great addition to the team.
Jamie M’s superpower: “I stay cool. I’m Iceman.”



#Team Shaun Gash

Team Shaun Gash.jpg

Swim: Dr C, aged 44, from High Wycombe.
Dr C is entering to represent all the amazing pupils at Chiltern Wood School. As Wonder (Chair)Woman (who is not afraid to dress like one), she aims to raise awareness and beat the fundraising record for her incredible school.
Dr. C’s superpower: “My ASD makes me super clever and see things in a way that others don't.”

Cycle: Celebrity Team Captain Shaun Gash.
Shaun has wheeled from Land’s End to John O’Groats, climbed Kilimanjaro and conquered countless gruelling challenges in his trusty wheelchair. His teammates have bagged themselves an unstoppable force!
Shaun’s superpower: “My adventurous spirit, which helps me conquer mountains without fear.”

Push/run: Rowan Matilda Todd, aged 12, from Guildford.
Rowan did the Sprint team event with his family last year, raising lots of lovely funds for Cycling Projects, and can’t wait to do it all over again. Hopefully he can fundraise even more this year.
Rowan’s superpower: “An Olympic gold in chatting.”

#Team Stephanie Millward

Team Stephanie M b.jpg

Swim: Team Captain Stephanie Millward.
The Paralympic, World and European champion has represented her country at three consecutive Paralympics, bringing home a total of two golds, four silvers and two bronze medals. She’ll be getting her teammates off to a stellar start!
Stephanie’s superpower: “It has got to be my smile. Whenever I smile it gives me special powers to make people happy!!”

Cycle: Lorenzo Lynch, aged 7, from Burgess Hill, West Sussex.
Lorenzo started cycling aged 3 and has gone from strength to strength. He now rides a recumbent trike and is all set for his first competitive super cycle!
Lorenzo’s superpower: “He awesome cycling skills.”

Push/run: Otto Barwell, aged 6, from Hove, East Sussex.
Otto has worked tirelessly to learn to run, jump, ride a scooter and bike, and has a constant smile on his face. Whenever anyone asks him how he’s doing he says, “I’m great. I’m never not great!!”
Otto’s superpower: “His unbelievably positive attitude to all that life has thrown at him.”

#Team Stephanie Slater

Team Stephanie S.jpg

Swim: Harry de Gruchy-Wilson, aged 7, from Jersey.
One of the happiest, clappiest children you’re ever likely to meet, Harry has fundraised thousands of pounds competing in sports events with his trusty Sidekick Mum. This time they’ll be swimming side by side, or Mum will tow Harry along in a dinghy.
Harry’s superpower: “Laughter, excitement and general hand flapping most of the time!”

Cycle: Billy Mansell, aged 23, from Essex.
An active volunteer in the community and keen footballer, Billy’s biggest passion is cycling and this will be his very first competitive cycling event. Not a bad one to kick off with!
Billy’s superpower: “Determination and commitment.”

Push/run: Celebrity Team Captain Stephanie Slater.
The Paralympic and World medley relay champion also has no less that nine European gold medals to her name, but this time she’ll be staying on solid ground and breathing in the atmosphere with a brisk walk home.

#Team Stuart Croxford

Stuart Croxford.jpg

Swim: Katie Nesbitt, aged 19, from Lowestoft.
Katie loves how sport makes her feel alive. Much hard work and training has seen her selected for the Parallel Success program with British Para Athletics and she’ll be putting the same guts and energy into her very first tri.
Katie’s superpower: “Never giving up!”

Cycle: Mark Harrison, aged 52, from Congleton, Cheshire.
This passionate cyclist got stuck right in at npower Winter Wonderwheels and will once again be riding on his unique Triple Tread trike, designed by his very own hand.
Mark’s superpower: “I am 'Wobbly Man'”

Push/run: Military Team Captain Stuart Croxford.
A self-confessed challenge junkie who’s always looking for the next opportunity to change perception of disability, Stuart has completed an awesome list of sporting feats and will be a hard act to beat!
Stuart’s superpower: “My stubbornness to reach my goals and challenge people’s preconceptions.”

#Team Susie Rodgers

Team Susie R.jpg

Swim: Celebrity Team Captain Susie Rodgers.
This aqua supremo topped off her already impressive medal tally with a gold at Rio and will be making a big splash at Superhero Tri!
Susie’s superpower: “A strong desire to swim with sharks! And I speak lots of languages too!”

Cycle: Archie van der Meulen, aged 14, from Guildford.
Archie took many years to learn how to ride his bike, but he called on his amazing willpower and kept going. Now he can zoom around and scale steep hills the more faint-hearted wouldn’t even dare!
Archie’s superpower: “Conquering steep hills.”

Push/rush: Alex Wade, aged 43, from Woking, Surrey.
Alex’s bubbly personality sees him wake up every morning smiling and full of giggles. He’ll be facing this new challenge with the same irrepressible spirit.
Alex’s superpower: “His smile and strength.”