There’s no question too small – or silly

We know that many of you will be new to all this, so we’ve tried our best to answer any questions you may have and will be updating this info on a regular basis. The below info is to help prepare you for our next event, Superhero Tri on 17 August. If we’ve missed anything, please do drop us a line:

The questions you may be too afraid to ask!

Should I wear underwear?

What you have on under your wetsuit is what you’ll be wearing for your bike and push/run stages, so the priority is to wear whatever feels most comfortable – remembering everyone will see it! For example, you might choose cycling shorts with a running vest – with or without pants! There’s no right or wrong. If you’re only doing the swim stage, we’d recommend wearing just a swimsuit or trunks under your wetsuit for maximum comfort, but again please remember you will most likely remove your wetsuit in the transition area so choose whatever you feel comfortable wearing in public. (For those planning on making triathlons a regular hobby, look into treating yourself to a ‘triathlon suit’.)

Where and how do I put on my race numbers?

We’ll give you one race number with safety pins to wear wherever’s visible – chest, back or perhaps vehicle. Some participants may choose to bring their own race belt to secure their numbers in place. This is fine as long as your number is clearly visible. Our current plan is to give all these out at registration on the day. If this changes we’ll let you know.

Who wears a race number?

Every solo participant will receive one and it will most likely be pinned to the outfit you plan to wear for the bike and push/run stage, i.e. whatever is under your wetsuit. If you are in a relay team, only the teammate/s doing the bike and push/run stages need/s to wear a race number. The swimmer doesn’t need one. If you are a Sidekick helping your Superhero around the course, you will be given a race number with ‘Sidekick’ on it.

What is a chip timer and what do I do with it?

These clever little gadgets are worn for the duration of your challenge to record your race time so you know what to beat next year! We’re still finalising details, but most likely it will be something you’ll strap around your ankle, wrist or, perhaps on your Super gadget or gismo – wherever is most comfortable for you. If you’re in a relay team, you’ll need to pass it on to the next teammate in the transition area when you’ve finished your stage. Please don’t forget to leave the timers in the dedicated baskets when you cross the finish line.

How will I find my way in the water?

We’ll have brightly coloured buoys marking the route. We’ll also have a big swim safety team in paddle boats at the ready to help anyone who needs it, and who will redirect you if you go off course. (Don’t worry it’s perfectly normal to swim a little off course. We’ll make sure you don’t go too far!)

If I don’t complete my stage/challenge, will I still get a Super Goody Bag, T-shirt and medal?

Absolutely. Anyone who steps up to the challenge and tries their best will be justly applauded and rewarded.

Will there be disabled toilets and will any of them have hoists?

Yes, there will be plenty of disabled access toilets and three Mobiloo toilets with hoists and changing areas.

Our Superhero Series powered by MARVEL terminology

Superhero: Put simply, a ‘Superhero’ is someone who signs up to take on one of our epic challenges. We salute you.

Sidekick: A ‘Sidekick’ can take many forms, but in its most general sense it refers to anyone who is on hand to assist our Superheroes and give them the best day possible. There are three main types of Sidekick: 1. Anyone game to buddy a Superhero looking for assistance to guide, push or simply accompany them for one or more stages of a challenge; 2. Those stepping up to our world-first Sidekick Tri events and powering a friend or loved one around the entire course; 3. our fantastic and indispensable legion of volunteers (please do join them!)

Disability: When we talk about people with disabilities, we mean anyone who considers themselves to have a physical, sensory, intellectual, invisible or behavioural disability, or anyone with a long-term illness or injury. But don’t worry, no one will be asking for proof or details and no classifications are needed.

On the day

How long should I arrive before my challenge starts?

We ask everyone to register an hour before their challenge begins, so we recommend arriving at least an hour and a half before your start time to give you plenty of time to unload kit, park up and head over to registration. Check out our Super Start Times to see when you need to arrive by.

Where do I need to go when I arrive?

Head straight to Marvel Mission HQ to register. There’ll be clear signs marking the way.

Will there be drop-off areas for my kit?

Yes, we’ll have a 'drop zone' where you’re welcome to drop any Superhero passengers to save them an unnecessary journey and/or equipment behind HQ near the hub while you head off to park. Willing Kit Drop Sidekick volunteers will be on hand to help you unload and load your car should you need any assistance.

What is the transition area?

This is where you store all your kit needed for the different stages and where you’ll start from and come back to to get ready for the next stage. If you are in a relay team, this is where you’ll hand over to your teammate. Each Superhero/team will be given their own dedicated space with a chair and storage area for equipment. (Unlike able-bodied transitions there won’t be any high bike racks and you’ll be given plenty of space.) If you need help in transition to, for example, take off your wetsuit or transfer to your vehicle, you’re welcome to bring a Sidekick to help you. Just make sure you add their personal details to your registration account, which can be updated at any time. Top tip from our Superhero founder Sophia: “Bring a good sized plastic box for all your little bits and bobs, such as gloves, goggles, helmet, drinks, power snacks, etc., so you know where everything is and can grab what you need quickly and get moving.”

Equipment and safety

What equipment do I need?

Our ethos is ‘anything goes’ and we’ll do our best to allow any equipment you might need on the course. Check out our equipment page for more details. However, there are a few items that are essential:

Swim stage – Wetsuits are compulsory for anyone and everyone entering the water – Superhero or Sidekick. You will also need to wear a colour-coded swim hat, which will be provided at registration. This is to signal to the swim safety team the assistance you need, if any, to exit and enter the water. If you are being towed for the whole stage and don’t enter the water you won’t need to wear a swimsuit but you will need to wear a life jacket.

Bike stage – Your chosen vehicle will need to be in a roadworthy condition, with any brakes in good working order. Cycle helmets must be worn by everyone.  (If there is a reason why you might not be able to wear a helmet, please contact the Superhero Tri powered by MARVEL team.

Push/run stage –  Cycle helmets must be worn by anyone who is self-propelling or being pushed. (If there is a reason why you might not be able to wear a helmet, please contact the Superhero Tri team.

Should I bring a towel?

Yes, do bring a towel if you are doing the swim stage. We recommend the quick-dry ones. Top tip from our Superhero founder Sophia: “If, like me, you’re a little unsteady on your feet, bring two towels – one to sit on while you take off your wetsuit (we provide a chair for participants but it can feel safer on the floor) and the other to dry yourself.”

Will there be water provided on the course?

Yes, there will be regular stations along the bike and push/run courses and in transition to keep you hydrated.

I do not have a wetsuit. Can I hire one?

Yes, there are a number of organisations that offer to hire or sell wetsuits for very reasonable prices. If a full wetsuit isn’t suitable there are alternative options, such as wetsuit shorts and sleeveless wetsuits.

I do not have a vehicle for the bike section. Can I hire one?

Our fantastic bike partner Quest 88 has all kinds of fun, adapted cycles available to hire. We strongly recommend you contact them in advance if you'd like to hire a bike as they're very popular!

Will there be emergency services on site?

Absolutely, your safety (and of course enjoyment) is our absolutely priority and we will have medical services on site all day to provide medical cover, alongside an expert swim safety team.

The course

Swim stage: This will take place in the calm, clean waters of Dorney Lake. There will be buoys clearly marking the course and an expert water safety team on land and in paddle boats to ensure you enter and exit the water safely and carry/assist you to the transition area if needed. Our paddle boat team are an extremely friendly bunch and will direct, encourage and even travel alongside you and chat if you feel you want a bit of company in the water. They are there to make your experience as fun and stress-free as possible.

Bike stage: The courses follow largely flat routes on private, traffic-free tarmacked pathways/roads. Cyclists will complete various laps of the cycle course before returning to the transition area. The course will be clearly signposted and our Super Sidekick volunteers will be stationed along the way to encourage, direct, answer questions or assist in any way needed.

Push/run stage: Again, the course is on flat, tarmacked pathways that are closed to traffic and will be clearly sign-posted and have Super Sidekicks at regular points to encourage and assist.

The nuts and bolts

What is a triathlon?

It’s a three-stage race consisting of a swim, usually in open water, a bike stage, and a final push/run stage. Here at Superhero Tri you can choose if you want to do a whole triathlon or team up and do one stage each as a relay.  

Who can enter Superhero Tri?

That depends on the race. Participants entering our solo events must consider themselves to have a disability. Anyone can enter our team events, as long as least one member of the team considers themselves to have a disability. Please see the below for our recommended minimum ages.

Do I need a classification?

No, you do not need a classification for any of our events.

What age do you have to be to enter the events?

Please see a list of recommended ages below. The minimum age for children being pulled/pushed for the bike and push/run stages is 2+. This doesn't apply to the Sidekick Tri events. Please note, anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult for the Sprint and Half distances and under the age of 15 for the Full distance.

Recommended for solo events:

                          - Sprint Superhero Tri & Superhero Charge: 5+ 

                          - Half Superhero Tri: 12+

                          - Full Superhero Tri: 15+

Recommended for Sidekick Tri events:

                          - Sprint Sidekick Tri: 5+ if being pushed/pulled; 15+ if pushing/pulling

                          - Half Sidekick Tri: 5+ if being pushed/pulled; 15+ if pushing/pulling

                          - Full Sidekick Tri: 5+ if being pushed/pulled; 15+ if pushing/pulling

Recommended for team events:

                          - Sprint Superhero Tri: 5+ 

                          - Half Superhero Tri: swim 9+; bike 9+; push/run 9+

                          - Full Superhero Tri: swim 9+; bike 9+; push/run 9+

What are the challenge distances?

Sprint Superhero/Sidekick Tri: swim 150m; bike 3k; push/run 1k

Half Superhero/Sidekick Tri: swim 400m; bike 10k; push/run 2.5k

Full Superhero/Sidekick Tri: swim 750m; bike 20k; push/run 5k

Superhero Charge: 3k cycle/run/walk/push

Who is Superhero Tri aimed at?

Everyone, from seasoned athletes to complete beginners. Our events are designed for every fitness level and ability so if you have never done anything like this before, don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

Is this a competitive event?

That is entirely up to you, but our main hope is that everyone has lots of fun. All Superheroes and Sidekicks will be given a chip timing device at registration on the day to record how long it takes them to complete their challenge. This will be added to our results page after the event so you have a goal to beat next year!

Can I bring a Sidekick (buddy) to assist me around the course or in the transition areas?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a Sidekick to guide, push, simply accompany you on one or more stages or assist you in the transition areas to help you out of your wetsuit or onto your chosen vehicle for the bike or push/run stages for the small fee of £5. Each sidekick will be given a medal and goody bag for their efforts. Please make sure that your register your Sidekick’s details in your online registration account, which can be updated any time. If a Sidekick would like a T-shirt they are welcome to buy them at the merchandise shop as a memento of their day.

Can I visit Dorney Lake to have a look around before race day?

Yes. The 450 acres of privately owned parkland is open to everyone almost all the year round. We’ve noticed on social media that lots of Superheroes have already been along to check it out! (Please note, although parking will be free of charge on our event day, visitor parking fees normally apply.)

Are spectators welcome?

Absolutely. Come along and cheer our Superheroes over the line! There is no entry fee for spectators and there will be all kinds of fun and entertainment for all ages in the Superhero Village, so bring the whole family along!

Do I have to pay for parking?

No. Parking will be free for everyone on the day. If you are planning on driving to the event, we ask that you car-share with other participants and spectators whenever possible to do your bit for the environment. Please take a look at our venue page for public transport access to the event.

What age do I need to be to join the volunteer team?

We ask that all our Sidekicks be at least 16 years or over as of 31 December 2017 unless they are accompanied by an adult. Please head to our Sidekick page to volunteer.