Leading up to the event:

Your booking: First things first. Please log into your account to make sure that your booking is complete. We need the full names of all the Superhero participants and any Sidekicks who’ll be assisting on the course. Thank you. The deadline for making changes is Monday 12 August.

Participant comms: One week before the event, Superhero participants will receive an email with two key bits of info:

  1. Your Superhero Team: you will be put in one of four Superhero Teams – Team Hulk, Team Captain Marvel, Team Captain America and Team Iron-Man – and this tells you what area to head to register at the Marvel Mission HQ as well as your Transition Zone (you’ll have your team on your race number as a reminder).

  2. Your Wave Number and Wave Time, so you know when to register by, to give you plenty of time for your safety briefing and warm-up before your wave sets off. Please find a link to the Wave Times here.

(Please note, this only goes out to the email/s provided on your booking form. If you are taking part in more than one event or if you have registered various people in your name, you’ll receive a number of emails from us, you lucky thing.)

Registration on the day:

Registration timings: Head to your ‘Superhero Team’ area at the Marvel Mission HQ to register no later than 1 hour before your wave start time and no earlier than two hours before (unless there’s no queue – take advantage of this!).

Race packs: Each solo participant or team will be given 1 race pack that includes your race number, swim hat and chip timing device and any ‘Sidekick’ race numbers, if applicable. Safety pins will be available.

If you’re in a relay team: Only 1 person needs to register for the whole team. The race pack will be under the SWIMMER’S NAME, so please say this name at registration. Team packs will include 2 of the same race numbers for the push/cycle and push/run. The swimmer doesn’t need one.


When and where to go: Enter transition at your allocated time (and not before) please. Transition is divided into the same four ‘Superhero Team’ zones as Registration. Head to your designated zone to set up your equipment ready for your safety briefing & fun ‘power up’ session!

Chip timers: Please wear this on your left wrist or ankle if possible, or the left side of your equipment. Relay team members will need to pass it on to their next teammate after their stage. Please make sure you leave the chip timer in the allocated box when you cross the finish line. Ta.

At the end of your stage: Please pack up your equipment and vacate transition as quickly as possible so it’s ready for the next wave. 😊

What to bring:

All you need is:

  • Any gadgets and kit you’ll need to complete your stage/s (plus tools and spares just in case!)

  • Sunscreen/waterproofs

  • Your Superhero costume! Please see here for some inspiration!

Key kit pointers:

Swim stage: Everyone going into the water must wear a wetsuit & the color swimming cap they are given in their race pack. If you are being towed for the full stage you don’t need a wetsuit but you will need to wear a life jacket. (Life jackets will be supplied on the day. You will need to organise your own wetsuits.)

Cycle & Push/run stage: People travelling on wheels at high speed must wear a helmet. We recommend that everyone on wheels wears a helmet for their safety, but we know that this isn’t always practical.

Check out our kit page for more details.

Timings on the day:

Check out our Super Start times for an overview of the day. Our detailed Wave Timings are here so you know exactly where you need to be when.

Kit drop & parking:

Parking & Kit drop: We’ll have a very high number of blue badge holders at our event & will not be able to park everyone near the hub but we have a kit drop area for Superheroes & their kit behind Marvel Mission HQ. The parking Sidekicks will be able to direct you to it. You will be met at the kit drop by Sidekicks who will help you with your kit.

Shuttle service: There is also a shuttle bus service running between the parking areas and the hub for those who want it. Parking is free of charge.


Check out our super site map for a taste of the fun to come.

Here’s our super course map to help you plan out your route to shave off those extra seconds!

Finishers’ T-shirts & medals:

All Superheroes & Sidekicks will receive a medal & a SUPER kit bag when they come over the line. Only Superheroes (and any Sidekicks who have paid full price to be in the Sidekick Tri challenges) will receive a T-shirt as part of their booking. If you’re a Sidekick buddy, the good news is you will be able to buy a Superhero T-shirt at our merchandise shop if you wish.

Rules and regs:

To ensure everyone stays safe and has the most fun possible we ask that all participants read and follow our simple Superhero rules and regs.

Phew. That’s it folks. All that remains for us to say is go out there and have some fun!!